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Using a pharmacy instead of a doctor

Using a pharmacy instead of a doctor

Medical aid and doctor’s consultations can cost a fortunate, whilst asking for help from your local pharmacist can serve the same purpose.

Medical aid is obviously a necessity as unplanned hospital visits and tests can amount to an astronomical price. Having a comprehensive medical aid is always a great idea, but the monthly payments are often well over R1 000. The more you use your medical aid, your premium tends to go up and this can be avoided by using a pharmacy for the odd flu or cold, rather than visiting a doctor for a consultation.

Pharmacists are trained practitioners who have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on your general medication used to combat the flu season. I’ve often found that a number of doctors in my area charge over and above the medical aid rate, which leaves me having to pay an excess fee each time. This made me to search for an alternative, and it has saved me a considerable amount.

Pharmacies such as Clicks and Dischem also have in-house nurses who are able to advice you on any over-the-counter treatment you might need. Despite it being cost affective, it is also much more convenient to share your symptoms with the pharmacists or nurse, who will gladly offer you a solution. If you don’t have a medical aid, it is even more necessary for you to use this option to help you when you are feeling under the weather.