Vertagear fires social media manager after sexist tweets

Vertagear allegedly fired its social media manager, following the backlash it received after sharing a sexist meme on Twitter, and this is reportedly not the company’s first sexist tweet.

Vertagear, a company that makes and sells gaming chairs, fired its social media manager after the backlash it received over a sexist tweet shared by the brand’s Twitter account. On Sunday, 18 July 2021, Vertagear shared a sexist meme on its official Twitter account.

The meme was of a male streamer’s feed being primarily focused on the game, while the female streamer’s feed was primarily focused on the streamer. According to some, this advances the sexist narrative that women who stream games are doing so for attention, and not because they are interested in the games they play. Even though the tweet was deleted shortly after it was shared, it had already drawn criticism.

Vertagear’s first apology was posted several hours later on the same day. The apology stated that it would work out a more defined guideline in an effort to avoid being accidentally sexist again. However, social media users did not accept this apology, as they were quick to point out that the company’s questionable social media takes were not limited to one tweet.

LowkoTv, a Twitch partner, pointed out some old tweets, three of which were shared in the past year and reportedly played into the tired stereotype that girls either do not game, or do not know how to game properly. After being called out for a second time, Vertagear released a second apology on Monday, 19 July 2021. This time, the company owned up to the previous tweets and the person who started the whole situation.

Vertagear stated, “These types of actions will not be tolerated moving forward. Effective today, the individual responsible for these posts will no longer be with the company.” Adding, “We have taken the time to reflect on the situation and are restricting the way business is conducted here at Vertagear, starting with immediately increasing the level of gender diversity in all facets of company operations.”

Furthermore, the company now reportedly strives to create a more inclusive platform, work environment, and social media presence. It will also be instituting several additional protocols to ensure that these new standards are upheld.