Water games for adults

Fun in the water does not have to be limited to children only as adults also want to have fun with adult suitable water games.

When the summertime approaches, water becomes a huge part of outdoor activities, games, and parties. Adults also love to have their fun in water, and whether you are hosting a fun adult’s summer party or barbeque, having some water games to play will be fun.

Adults enjoy water too, some as much as kids, and there are a variety of water games for adults to play in the comfort of their back yards or for hosting pool parties for their friends and loved ones to enjoy.

Water games

Water is not only good for replenishing the body when consumed, but it is also a go-to for all sorts of activities.

Physical activities such as swimming can keep people active or you can simply enjoy being in the water, especially in the summer when cooling off requires a water activity. What better way to enjoy the water in the heat than by playing water games.

Water games for adults

Every adult has a child in them, ready to have childlike fun. Water games are one way for adults to let loose and be playful, silly, and competitive.

Some may think that without a pool, water games are not possible, but this is not the case as some water games do not even require a pool to have some fun.

Water games are intended for the outdoors and if you are looking for some fun at home, setting up your backyard with water-filled games without a pool is doable.

A variety of games such as water wars, slip and slide, water gun cup race, water balloon fighting and dodgeball amongst other activities, do not require a pool.

If you do have a pool, then this will be great, as it allows you to get as creative as you can with what you can play in the water.

A popular pool water game that can be played by both kids and adults is Marco Polo. Having a swimming pool allows you to throw some of the best adult pool parties and pool games can bring together a party and have people entertained and active.

Water games can even be incorporated into Minute to Win It gameplay for more adrenaline rush competitiveness.

Sport-inspired pool water games for adults

Name of the game How to play
Pool tennis
  • Get a floating net or a net that can extend over the edges of the pool (a volleyball net can also work)
  • Players need waterproof racquets and balls to play with
Pool volleyball
  • Players can swim after the ball
  • All you need is a net over the middle of the pool and a soft inflatable pool ball
Pool basketball
  • A floating shooting hoop is needed
  • The inflatable hoop is big enough to allow players to dunk some of their scoring shots
  • Can be played with rules or as a team shootout
Water polo
  • Simply purchase a pool water polo playing set that consists of the goal post, three balls, and a hand pump

Backyard water games for adults

Name of the game How to play
Water wars
  • This can be played individually or in teams
  • The aim is to not get wet or to be the last dry man standing
  • Whoever gets wet is out of the game
  • You can use water or anything that can hold and spray water (spray water bottle, water gun, water hose)
Water gun cup race
  • Supplies needed are two cups, two water guns, twine, scissors, and a hole puncher.
  • Twine is to be hung up like a clothing line
  • Place a cup with a hole in the bottom on each row of twine and have shooters line up
  • Players need to shoot water into the cups to move it along the line
  • If you get the cup to the end of the line first, you win
Soggy potato
  • You need water balloons, water, and music
  • Sit in a circle and pass balloons around until the music stops
  • The player with a balloon in their hand has to break the balloon over their head

Relay water games for adults

Name of the game How to play
Hula Hoop relay
  • The hula hoop relay requires that players swim through hoops in the middle of the pool
  • To make it complicated and test everyone’s breath-holding technique, hoops can be placed at the bottom of the shallowest end of the pool
T-shirt relay
  • Each team has to swim a lap in an oversized t-shirt
  • The wetter the T-shirt, the more difficult it will be to swap between players
  • You can add other swimming gear into the game for an extra challenge
Pool noodle relay
  • Form teams of three or four people or more
  • Ride a pool noodle across the pool, holding the back of the noodle and kicking to move forward