What are the most popular social media sites for businesses?

Social media sites allow businesses to connect with their customers in different ways, which is why there are many popular sites.


There are many benefits to businesses using social media sites to connect with their customers.

In order for businesses to get the best possible results, they should choose from various categories for the most popular social media sites.

Why is it important for businesses to use social media sites?

Having a strong presence on social media as a business is important, as it allows you to interact with your key audiences outside of official communication channels.

By now, most businesses understand the benefits of building brand awareness, driving revenue and goals, and building relationships with your customers through social media sites.

This can be beneficial, as it will help your business stay top-of-mind in your target audience’s daily lives and help you build a persona for your brand and business.

What are the most popular social media sites for businesses?

When it comes to finding the best social media sites for your business, there are a few factors to consider.

Starting with some of the most popular social media platforms in terms of daily users will allow your business to reach the most people and optimise your social media strategies to help you to achieve your business goals.

However, how social media sites are set up makes them better suited to different social media strategies, which is why it is important to distinguish between social networking sites, messaging sites, and micro-blogging sites, so that your business can have a well-rounded social media presence, even if you are not present on all of the popular social media sites.

The most popular social media sites for businesses in each of the following categories can be summarised as follows:

Type of social media site Most popular sites for businesses

Networking sites

·  Facebook

·  Instagram

·  YouTube

·  TikTok

Messaging sites

·  WhatsApp

·  WeChat

·  Telegram

Micro-blogging sites

·  Twitter

·  LinkedIn

·  Reddit

·  Pinterest

Most popular networking sites for businesses

Social media platforms in the “networking” category are beneficial for businesses because they allow your business to promote and share content and connect with customers on the platform.

These platforms are a good way to build a community and communicate with many customers simultaneously. Some of the most popular sites for businesses in this category are:

Social media site Description Estimated amount of monthly active users


Allows businesses to connect and engage with a large number of customers, create dedicated groups, and run targeted ads. 2.9 billion


Allows businesses to display branding through photos and videos, and to create a real visual identity with analytics to analyse their reach on the platform. 2 billion


Allows businesses to share video and sponsored content on the platform. 2.2 billion


Allows businesses to post short form branded video content that can reach a growing audience daily. 1 billion

Most popular messaging sites for businesses

“Messaging” social media platforms allow businesses to send messages back-and-forth from their business accounts to customers.

These platforms are beneficial for communicating directly with customers for customer service, support, and updates or reminders.

Some of the most popular messaging social media platforms for businesses are:

Social media site Description Estimated amount of monthly active users


Allows businesses to create business accounts and communicate directly with customers. 2 billion


Allows businesses to message customers directly and has many other functions. It is widely used in China. 1.26 billion


Allows businesses to connect with customers for free and does not limit the size of media that can be shared on the application. 550 million

 Most popular micro-blogging sites for businesses

For businesses that want to create informative content and attract specific target audiences to the brand, micro-blogging social media sites are a great solution. Some of the most popular sites for businesses include:

Social media site Description Estimated amount of monthly active users


Allows businesses to create real-time content and handle customer service queries through private messaging functions. 436 million


Allows businesses to share industry-related content and network with different industry leaders. 250 million


Allows businesses to connect with customers who fall into specific niche categories. 430 million


Allows businesses to post a variety of content and drive traffic to other websites and social media pages. 291 million

Final thoughts

There are many advantages for businesses that build a strong presence on social media.

However, varying categories of popular social media platforms will help businesses reach different goals in their overall social media strategy.