What are you passionate about?

Finding your passion is one way of living a purposeful and fulfilling life.

The things we are passionate about propel us to do great and achieve greatness. Our passions are our biggest motivator to explore and find meanings in life. When we indulge in activities that are not in line with our passions, we lack motivation to commit to those tasks. If your current career field is dreadful, dull and boring, chances are that you need to find new passions. Here are ways to help you find your passions:

Write down a list of the things you love

Our passions are fully aligned with the things we love the most. Write down a list of things which make you happy and feel fulfilled. This could be anything from writing, sculpting, drawing etc. When choosing a possible career out of these, do not be afraid to choose unconventional hobbies or interests. People make careers out of those weird and different activities.

Observe your interests

Take a look at the things which interest you. You are most likely to spend more time on the things that interest you. What are the things you spend much time doing research on? What grabs your attention?

Enquire in your inner circle

Ask the people in your immediate space about their observations of you. Ask them their opinions about the kind of person you are and about your interests.

Explore your list of interest

Before dropping everything else to commit to your newly found passion, give it a try first. You may be interested in, for example, arts and music, but not willing to actively produce content. Also explore different aspects of your chosen field in order to find the one that aligns with your abilities.

Although finding your passion is important, do not fall into the trap of sticking to one thing. Life is adventurous, do not be afraid to discover new ways of living or of doing things. As we grow, we learn new things, unlearn old things and adopt new beliefs. This makes us change and so do our interests. A teenager’s passion is different from a person in their 40’s. Do not be afraid to drop old interests and take up new ones.