What colour is best for YouTube thumbnails?

What are thumbnails, why are they important and which colours are considered as some of the best for your thumbnails and have been used by YouTubers?


One of the key components of making YouTube videos is to come up with different elements of creativity to make your YouTube videos look as appealing as possible. With this, people will click on your video out of the interest you have sparked.

One of the ways of doing this is through using the right thumbnails to ensure that you attract people to your video, making them want to watch it as the thumbnail as well as the titles are the first thing that viewers will get to analyse before clicking a video.

YouTube thumbnail colours

Now, thumbnails are more than just using the most exciting and visually appealing one. Thumbnails are one of the most important things that determine if a viewer will decide to watch your video or not, along with the title.

The right thumbnail accompanied by the right title, will entice a viewer to want to watch your video. The right colours are crucial to having a thumbnail that will work for your video content.

There are some colours that are said to work the best for thumbnails and are effective in making your videos appealing.

What colour is best for YouTube thumbnails?

Choosing the right colours for your YouTube thumbnails can mean attracting people to your video.

Some colours have been proven to entice in certain ways, and this is also relevant when it comes to choosing the right colours for your YouTube thumbnails.

There is no specific single colour that is highlighted as the absolute best for thumbnails, but rather a few colour options can work to produce the same results and get people to watch your video.

Some of these colours consist of yellows, greens, oranges, purples, pinks and blues as well as your classic reds, whites and blacks.

Of these colours, some of them are already quite popular and used by many different YouTubers and you might have noticed that you have come across these colours in one of your favourite YouTubers videos before.

Yellows, greens and blues are the colours used the most amongst YouTubers.

What is a thumbnail?

For those who are not familiar with the term thumbnail and do not know what it is, a thumbnail is basically a visual icon that best represents the content of a YouTube video.

If you notice, every single YouTube video will have this visual icon displayed on a video along with the title, and it is the first thing you see when you come across a video before you click on it. Oftentimes, it will be the reason you watch a video.

Why are thumbnails important?

Thumbnails are important as they attract a viewer and make them want to watch your video.

According to YouTube, 90 percent of videos that have performed well and attracted a lot of viewers had a custom thumbnail to them.

Viewers may not know this, but a thumbnail will be the major influence for them clicking on a video to watch it and this is because they help viewers decide if a video is worth watching or not.

Therefore, creating the right thumbnail is not easy and so knowing how to go about it, helps.

What are some tips to create good thumbnails?

Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks to help you get the best thumbnails for your videos and get more views to your channel.

It will help to be consistent with your layout and your colours, as this will help to give off the channels branding and positioning.

Adding graphics to your thumbnail such as a graphic of a phone with the Instagram logo, also gives viewers a sense of what the video is about.

Additionally, adding text to your thumbnail gives it some context, helping viewers understand the topic covered in the video.

Final thoughts

Creating a YouTube video is not as simple as just recording yourself and posting it to YouTube.

There are certain aspects of the process outside of filming your content that are crucial to putting together your entire video. This includes the components of your video people see first.

One of the three things viewers will see first when looking at your video is the visual picture of it, which includes the title of the video as well as the thumbnail.

This is why thumbnails are especially important and need to incorporate the right colours to attract viewers to click and watch.