What did Mini Ladd do?

YouTuber, Craig Thompson, issued an apology after allegations of his inappropriate messages towards minors started doing the rounds.

There are now various ways that one can make money online. From YouTube to TikTok, uploading videos seems to be one way of making money from creating content. From beauty, to dancing and game reviews, the content range is endless. This moves many YouTubers to celebrity status, whether they are big locally or internationally. This was the case with Craig Thompson, who is known by the online community as Mini Ladd.

The YouTuber posted his first video in 2011, with content that was mainly video game-related and compilation videos. He then launched his self-titled second channel in 2018, where he posted vlogs of his personal life. Craig has since gone on to do well for himself, with his channel winning various awards, such as the 2019 eSports Content Creator Of The Year Award, and he was named one of Britain’s Top 100 Influencers by Sunday Times. The YouTube star has accumulated millions of followers across his social media platforms. With all this success at the age of 25, he still has his whole life ahead of him to make more money. However, he might have jeopardised his future deals with his latest scandal.

Two women came forward claiming that Craig had sent them sexual messages and unsolicited nudes when they were just teenagers. He addressed these allegations, admitting that they were true, and issued a public statement. “I am truly and deeply sorry for what I did. I absolutely should have done what was necessary at the time, and that was seeking professional help, realizing that my actions were completely unacceptable, and working to change my behaviours from the inside out,” he said. Craig added that he is committed to fully working on himself. The City of Derry has since ended its relationship with him, following the allegations.