What do GachaTubers use to make videos?

There are many types of video editing software which is available for GachaTubers to use based on their comfort and skill levels.

One of the growing subcultures in YouTube is that of Gacha YouTubers, or GachaTubers. These are YouTube channels that are created by fans who use Gacha Club, Gacha Life, Gacha Studio or Gachaverse screenshots to make videos for YouTube.

Due to the increase in the popularity of the subculture and various GachaTubers, there is a lot of endorsed video editing software available for aspiring GachaTubers.

The decision about whether to use Cute Cut Pro, Kinemaster, VLLO, or VideoStar depends on the aspiring GachaTuber and which software they are most comfortable to create content with.

How to make a Gacha video?

Creating a Gacha video is a three-step process, which includes the following steps:

  1. Choose an editing software: What is important when choosing a preferred editing software is choosing one based on comfort and ease of use for you.
  2. Start editing: You need to import screenshots or Gacha collateral that you have to create your short or long-form videos. The longer the video, the more space and screenshots are required. Having an intro and an outro are options for the content creator.
  3. Export video: Once you are satisfied with the video and you have ensured that there are no glitches, export the video.

What do GachaTubers use to make videos?

It is crucial to recognise that in most instances, the type of video editing software used to edit a Gacha video will not directly affect the success or the lack of the video’s success.

This is as it is not the video editing software that makes the content relevant and relatable to your audience and subscribers on YouTube. But it is the content, consistency, originality, and engagement from you as the GachaTuber that impacts growth.

As such, five of the top video editing software which can be used, including their advantages and disadvantages, are:

Video editor Advantage Disadvantage
Cute Cut Pro Touted for editing collateral including typography, tweening, memes, and animation It has a free version with limited features, and to purchase the Pro it costs $5.99. Moreover, it is only for iOS-enabled devices
Kinemaster This is the ideal app to create videos with, especially intros. It is similar to Cute Cut Pro but it is enabled for Microsoft and Android users With Kinemaster, you are limited as it does not allow the creation of tweenings
VLLO This is the ideal software if you cannot access Cute Cut Pro, especially since it also has copyrighted free music to use It does have a tendency to cut footage, which can be frustrating
VideoStar Ideal for Gacha content creators with a passion for adding effects, which are ideal for Instagram videos After importing music, once it is uploaded, it cannot be changed. Meaning that you may need to start again if the song does not work with the video
iMovie Ideal for iOS-enabled devices and beginners looking for an easy-to-use and basic editing app It does have problems like staggering in terms of the video’s movement and lagging in general

There are also additional apps which are integral for the process of creating Gacha videos, including:

1. Documents

This app is ideal for adding music to your Gacha videos. It is ideal for those looking to import music in their videos as it allows the video editor to import music to listen to in the video without paying for it.

As such, it is perfect for Gacha YouTubers who have created their niche by creating Gacha Live Music Videos (GLMVs), more for other Gacha content like lifestyle, skits, and short film content.

3. Picsart

Picsart is not for video editing, instead, the free video and image editing software is ideal for creating the perfect thumbnails for your videos.

Thumbnails can often be as important to your video’s success as the video itself. Therefore, the ideal app to achieve the perfect thumbnail is Picsart, and there are many other apps that offer similar features.

3. Ibis Painter X

Picsart is ideal for beginners, while ibis Painter X will require a more practised or intermediary hand to use the app properly and effectively.

The app allows you to sketch and draw direct edits to your Gacha characters, typography, animation, and tweening.

It is free to use, and beginners can take their time learning how to use the app by using its basic features before attempting to use the more advanced hand sketching and drawing tools that are available.