What do I want to do with my life?

Having no direction in life is confusing and stressful.

Three ways to find purpose in life

Living a life with no purpose is even more stressful. Finding your purpose in life will lead you to a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life. Waking up everyday and feeling like what you do is worthwhile, is one of the best feelings. But what do you do when you’re stuck and cannot articulate the things you want to do, or  you’re not aware of your interests? The answers to your questions are always within you. Here’s how you can cultivate them:

Do some research on different career paths

You may be feeling stuck because your current information on careers is limited, or the traditional career fields don’t fit in well with your interests. Do some research on current career fields because they change all the time. You could discover something new and exciting to try out. The digital age has created newer and fresh opportunities. You could try blogging about any topic you’re interested in, or you could produce content for different brands and become an influencer. There is so much more you could explore.

Know yourself better

Write down the things which make you happy, be it your interests or hobbies. This should give you an idea of the kind of angle you should take in terms of your career. If you are interested in painting, music, poetry, this tells you that you are interested in arts. Moreover, you could conduct a personality test from either a professional body or access it online.

Ask around

The people in your primal space know you better than you think. They observe the kinds of things you like and are interested in. Ask for their time and have a few questions about yourself. You could ask them what they think of you and the things you are interested in.