What does binturi mean?

In Raya and the Last Dragon, viewers will hear some strange words, such as binturi, which has an insulting meaning.

Raya and the Last Dragon is a newly released American computer-animated fantasy action-adventure film, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The film is based on traditional Southeast Asian cultures.

The movie features the prosperous land of Kumandra, which was ravaged by the Druun, who are evil spirits that turn people and dragons to stone. Subsequently, Sisu, the last dragon, concentrated her magic into a gem and banished the Druun. Additionally, the dragon revived Kumandra’s people.

Five hundred years later, Raya was trained by her father to protect the gem. Due to conflict between the different tribes, the Druun took over the lands of Kumandra once again. However, the warrior soon discovered that Sisu still existed. Raya then embarked on a journey in search of the fabled last dragon, who she eventually found after six years. Raya and Sisu were forced to work together to banish the Druun from the fictional land of Kumandra.

During the film, viewers will discover that the characters use some unknown words, including binturi and dep la. It is believed that “binturi” means something insulting. The word is often translated to traitor, liar or thief. Viewers will also hear the following sentences in the film, “You better pay up, binturi” and “She is the backstabbing binturi that broke the world.” Dep la is used as a term of endearment in the movie, the novelization reveals that the term means “best friend” in the Kumandran language.