What does it mean when your Snapchat Score goes up?

What does it mean when your Snap Score goes up, what contributes to your score increasing and how to find your score as well as another user’s score?


Users of the popular multimedia messaging platform, Snapchat, may or may not have known that they are gaining points for the amount of activity they are engaged in on the app. This is calculated and compiled into what the platform calls the Snapchat Score.

Snapchatters are basically getting rewarded in points to keep as busy as possible on the app, making use of all its fun features. Users might be curious as to how their Snapchat Scores work, but most importantly, what they need to do to fast-track their scores to increase with usage.

Snapchat score going up

The main objective for Snapchat to introduce Snapchat Score to its users is to encourage them to keep as active as possible on the application, especially by taking advantage of the fun features that it has to offer the Snapchat community.

For those who are curious as to what it means when their Snapchat Scores go up, a number of factors contribute to this.

Additionally, they are all related to how active you are when it comes to using the specific features that Snapchat has, which contribute to the increase of your score count.

What does it mean when your Snapchat Score goes up?

Your Snapchat Score is determined by a special equation combining the number of Snaps you as a user have sent and received, the stories you have posted as well as other factors, according to Snapchat.

It is a way for Snapchat to encourage more user activity, by making the experience fun when it comes to gaining points to increase your score and reflecting how much of an active user you are on the platform.

Fellow users can also see each other’s scores and compare them as well as compete to increase them.

So, when a Snapchat Score goes up, it basically means that a user is active and is making use of features such as sending Snaps, receiving Snaps, adding friends, posting lots of stories and maintaining Snap Streaks with other friends. All these activities help Snapchat Scores to increase.

Increasing your Snapchat Score

All of the above-mentioned activities are what will surely get your Snapchat Score to go up, according to Snapchat.

For some this will be worth using the app more frequently and for others, it might not, as there is no real benefit to a high score. If you do want to increase your score, you will need to commit to sending Snaps in order to receive Snaps back.

You will also need to post frequently to your stories, while also participating in Snapchat Streaks, which involves sending Snaps to a friend for long periods.

This process eventually creates a streak from your conversation. So, actively doing all of this increases your score.

Where can users find their scores?

In order to view your Snapchat Score, you will have to head over to your profile screens on the app, by tapping the Bitmoji’s face or the circle icon in the top left of the screen.

The top of the profile page will indicate a Snapcode under your display name, as well as your username, your zodiac sign and the Snap Score.

Once you see your Snap Score, you can tap on it and it will reveal two separate numbers. On the left will be Snaps sent and the other will be the Snaps you have received.

How to check another friend or user’s Snap Score

Users are also able to check another user’s score and compare it to theirs or simply out of curiosity. To do this, you will need to open a chat window by tapping on another person’s username, you would then have to tap their Bitmoji icon located in the top right corner of the screen.

Thereafter, a page will open up that will reveal the users display name, username and their Snap Score, which will be underneath in smaller black text. This is how you will know if another user is as active as you.


Using the Snapchat app frequently means that you get to gain points that are going to contribute to the Snapchat feature called Snap Scores. A Snap Score encourages users of the app to make use of some specific features related to Snaps and messaging to build on their score.

A Snapchat Score will increase from the activity of a user when it comes to sending out Snaps, receiving Snaps from other friends and users, posting to their stories, and maintaining Snap Streaks with their friends.

The more users are active, the more their Snap Scores will keep going up.