What does the “Shuffle Hands” card mean in Uno?

The Uno card game has come out with many variations such as the introduction of a new Wild card, the Shuffle Hands card, which disrupts all players’ hands.

Some card games date back to long ago, having been around for many years, and they are loved by many. The Uno card game is one such game and it is one of the oldest and most popular card games.

The Uno card game, like most others, has gone through some changes over time to make the game more interesting. One new addition to the Uno card game is the “Shuffle Hands” card that was introduced in 2019.

This card can only be found in the latest version of the card games and not the older cards sets. Fans of Uno or those who may be looking to play the latest game will want to know what the purpose of the Shuffle Hands card is.

The objective of Uno and its contents

In the game of Uno, the goal is to be the first to have used up your cards in each round of play, in which case you score points for the cards that your opponent’s still have.

Points increase in each round and the player that scores 500 points first is the winner. The game has 112 cards in total.

Contents of the game:

  • 19 Blue cards – zero to nine
  • 19 Green cards – zero to nine
  • 19 Red cards – zero to nine
  • 19 Yellow cards –zero to nine
  • 8 Draw Two cards – two in each colour
  • 8 Reverse cards – two in each colour
  • 8 Skip cards – two in each colour
  • 4 Wild cards
  • 4 Wild Draw four cards
  • 1 Wild Shuffle Hands card
  • 3 Wild customisable cards
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What does the “Shuffle Hands” card mean in Uno?

Since the game of Uno has evolved and introduced new moves and cards to it, such as the “Shuffle Hands” card, people who come across this card in a game should know what to do with it or what it means.

Uno contains a variety of action cards and each of them serves a purpose and requires players to perform the action that the card requires.

The Shuffle Hands card is a Wild card in the game and when it is played, you need to collect every card from every player’s hands.

You then need to shuffle these cards and deal them out to players again, starting with the player to the left of you. The cards need to be dealt out evenly until there are none left. Some players will end up with more cards than others.

Play will then keep going in the direction it was going. Since the card is a Wild card, the player that plays also gets to decide the colour that resumes the game.

If the card is turned up at the start of play, the person to the left of the dealer must choose the colour that starts the game.

Does the Shuffle Hands card have any benefits?

The card does have benefits. If you had cards that you could not use in play, this card would come in handy. Playing it gets you a brand new set of cards and you will possibly end up with better cards once you are dealt new cards after they were shuffled.

Another benefit is that by playing the Shuffle Hands card, you disturb other players’ hands if they have good cards.

Playing the Shuffle Hands card can help you win

Some people may think that they can use the Shuffle Hands card to their advantage as a way of winning the game, but this is not the case.

If you are playing according to the rules, you cannot win if you use the card as your last play card, which many people seem to find unfair as it leaves you with no choice but to use the card before your last card to play.

Is the Shuffle Hands card optional?

Some players may wonder if the Shuffle Hands card absolutely needs to be played in a game of Uno. The card is optional, similarly to other special cards, and it does not need to be used if players do not feel like it is necessary.

The card does make the game much more interesting, and players can use the card to change up the gameplay into something unfamiliar.

A plot twist in the game can offer players more of a challenge in terms of dealing with a newer set of cards that they did not previously have. Shuffling cards can also prolong the game.