What does Tommyinnit mean?

Tommyinnit refers to a “who”, rather than a “what”; he is a content creator whose most popular platforms are YouTube and Twitch.

Thomas “Tom” Simons is a popular British gamer and content creator. Most of his fans know him through his nickname, Tommyinnit. As a gamer, he is most popularly known for his Twitch page, which currently has over 6.7 million subscribers. Moreover, he is also popular on YouTube, with over 11 million subscribers. On YouTube, Tommyinnit has also incorporated vlogs, besides the videos of his gaming experience that he also posts.

In April 2021, the young content creator marked his seventeenth birthday. Seeing as he is still in his teenage years, he has made being somewhat annoying part of his online persona, a fact which is arguably further emphasised by his accent. Many have found his stage name hard to pronounce, but it only takes understanding the origins of the name in order to know how to pronounce it.

Firstly, break the name down into two, meaning there is “Tommy” and “innit.” The first part becomes easy enough to understand, as it is a popular nickname derived from Thomas. The second part, “innit”, is derived from the phrase, “isn’t it?”, which means that the name is a playful take on people asking the content creator whether his name is “Tommy, isn’t it?”

However, considering that the 17-year-old is English, the “isn’t it” is not pronounced with an American accent, but with a British accent, which omits the “s” and emphasises that pressing down on the “n” makes it sound out like ee-nn-it, hence the name Tommyinnit.