What exactly does Shopify do?

Shopify is a cloud-based e-commerce platform that contains all of the functionalities for you to build, set up, and manage the different aspects of an online store.


Shopify is an online platform that can help you manage and grow your online store. It is a cloud-based platform that has many of the different functionalities that an online store needs all in one place.

About Shopify

If you are considering starting an e-commerce business or even expanding an existing business in the digital realm, Shopify is a great option.

As a platform, it can help you create a digital storefront, manage your point-of-sale functionality both in-person and online, and integrate your e-commerce site with various other sites and platforms so that you can effectively manage all the aspects of your online business.

When you register to the Shopify platform, you will be able to sell your products or services to customers online and the user-friendly design of the platform allows you to customise and grow your business without having to overcome a huge learning curve.

What exactly does Shopify do?

When you create an e-commerce business or expand your current business to include an e-commerce element, you need to incorporate different facets into your online store to attract and keep customers by giving them an enjoyable and efficient shopping experience.

Shopify provides you with a cloud-based solution that contains all of these features, such as storefront designs, web-hosting, your own domain name, an inventory management system, shipping functionalities, and more for you to be able to set up, grow, and manage your online store.

In order to use Shopify, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee to access one of the offered plans and gain access to the Shopify Admin Panel, which then gives you access to all of these features.

How does selling on Shopify work?

Getting started on the Shopify platform is a relatively quick and easy process compared to building your own e-commerce site, since all of the functionalities are readily available for you to access and use, and they are all in one place.

Once you have chosen the plan that best suits your business’s needs and budget, there are only a few steps left in the process before you can start selling on your Shopify site.

These steps are:

Step Description
Register your account Use the sign-up form to sign up and create an account
Set up your store Use the Admin Panel to start setting up your store
Choose a theme for your store Picking a free or paid theme from the Shopify theme store can be an easy way to make your store look beautiful and function well
Customise your settings You can make some small changes to themes to make your store your own
Add products to your store Add all of your products and services details to the store
Choose payment gateways This will allow you to accept different forms of payment from customers through your store
Launch your store Make sure you have completed all of the necessary information before your store can go live
Add your domain name You can purchase a domain name from Shopify or a third-party and customers will use this name to find your store online

What can you sell on Shopify?

Shopify allows you to sell a whole range of different items through their platform, including tangible items such as handcrafted products, beauty supplies, home goods, clothing, outdoor wares and much more.

You will also be able to sell intangible goods, such as services, memberships, event tickets, classes, digital cards, and donations. There is also no limit to the amount of products and services you can sell on this platform.

This makes Shopify an ideal platform for drop shipping businesses that do not hold their own inventory but buy and ship products directly from the manufacturer.

What else can Shopify do?

Shopify has become one of the leading e-commerce platforms because of its user-friendly design and integrated features. Some of the most popular features that Shopify offers are:

  • The integration with social media applications
  • The Shopify App store with free and premium plug-in to add other functionalities to your store
  • The built-in SEO functionalities
  • The Shopify Support team

Final thoughts

Shopify is an online e-commerce platform where businesses can sell their products and services. Shopify handles the implementation and setup of different features for your e-commerce site on your behalf.

Once you have chosen your plan, the process to get started, sell your products, and use the other functionalities of the cloud-based platform is quick and simple.