What gamers can expect from the Age of Empire IV beta phase

The Age of Empires IV beta phase is scheduled to launch soon, and selected gamers can expect to try out new civilizations, participate in various match types, and a tutorial mission.

Age of Empires recently announced that its beta phase is planned to kick off on Thursday, 5 August 2021, and will give Age Insiders a chance to get their hands on the game to experience what it is like. Those who are selected for the beta phase can expect a tutorial mission, which will teach economics, building, combat basics and “other core skills.” Players will also be able to test themselves in multiplayer or artificial intelligence (AI) matches, as the developers are collecting data on the various match types.

Unfortunately, players will only be able to select a sample of the game’s maps during the closed beta phase. However, each map sample will allow the players to select a variety of sizes and appearances, known in-game as “biomes”. The developers also revealed that players will be able to try out four of the eight launch day civilizations, including Mongol, Delhi, Chinese, Sultanate and English. Lastly, given its importance to the Age community, the closed beta build will allow participants to check in on the games of others, as long as the match host approves it.

The goal of the beta is to hunt down bugs and balance issues, fine-tune systems, and lay some early groundwork for post-launce support. The developers are hoping that players treat it as an actual beta test, stating, “Relic and World’s Edge are depending on you to play as many matches as you are able to, while trying out the various matchmaking systems.”

Age of Empires took to Twitter on Tuesday, 3 August 2021, and stated, “Heed the call – the Age of Empires IV closed beta starts this Thursday on August 5! If you are not an Age Insider member yet, you can still register, for your chance to play in the closed beta.”

The tweet has since been flooded with replies, as gamers expressed their thoughts on the beta rollout. One player stated, “Thank you! Even if I do not get selected, I appreciate you guys opening the game for the public.” Another gamer tweeted, “This is super exciting! The wait is almost over for Age of Empires IV! I hope I get an invite to help with the closed beta!”

Age of Empires IV is scheduled to launch on 28 October 2021.