What games can be played on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day of expressing love towards your loved ones and it can serve as a day of fun gaming activities for anyone.

February is known as the month of love, and this is mainly because Valentine’s Day falls on the fourteenth of the month.

The month is known for being one where people take pride in spreading as much love as they can and where those who are married or in a relationship with a partner do a range of special gestures for their lovers.

Since Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating love, not only love between lovers, any and every one can enjoy the day, even kids . Valentines’ day can be made extra fun by playing Valentine’s Day inspired games.

Valentine’s Day celebrations

The day is not only intended to be celebrated by lovers, but it can be a special day where anyone can spread and feel love.

Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by kids in schools with various activities inspired by the day of love, in the workplace through gestures of love, gifting, and wishing people a happy day of love, as well as by the obvious couples.

On Valentine’s Day, it can be difficult not to feel love as even a “Happy Valentine’s Day” wish from a stranger can make you feel significant in some way, but what games can be played on this day?

What games can be played on Valentine’s Day?

The day of love does not always have to revolve around sentimental, emotional love-sharing but it can be fun too. Making the day more fun for everyone can help people feel included and not left out for not having a special “Valentine.”

Valentine’s Day games can be included in your day’s activities, whether you are at work, school, or at home with loved ones. Games can also spice up the day between couples.

Valentine’s Day games can make the day a little more light-hearted. Not everyone is hyped or excited by the idea of Valentine’s Day in terms of how serious it can be for people in relationships.

Some choose to make the best of the day without the stress or the seriousness of what to expect from a lover. Games in different spaces reduce the pressure and allow for more fun to be had.

There are many Valentine’s Day games that children, teens, couples, and just about anyone can enjoy on the day. Couples, in particular, can enjoy The Ultimate Game for Couples card game.

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Valentine’s Day games to play for couples

Since Valentine’s Day revolves mostly around couples, there are a variety of games they can play with other couples or with each other to bond with each other and have fun.

Valentine’s Day game How to play Where to buy
Our Moments Couples ·   Get to know your Valentine better by asking questions to strengthen your bond

·   Filled with thought-provoking questions to get good conversation going between you and your partner

Our Moments Couples on Amazon
Talk, Flirt, Dare ·   Contains flirty games, conversation starters, and dares

·   Choose between different spicey levels

·   Pick a card and either answer the question on it or carry out a romantic dare

Talk, Flirt, Dare on Amazon
Truth or Dare for couples ·   Romantic, fun, spicey truth or dares

·   Perfect for after a Valentine’s Day dinner date

Truth or Dare for couples on Amazon
Name the Love Song ·   Have people or couples guess the love song

·   Create an epic love songs playlist

·   Winners would have guessed the most songs correctly

Valentine’s Day games to play for kids

Many children love Valentine’s Day just as much as adults and they want in on the action too. There are some cute kiddies games to make them feel a part of Valentine’s Day. In this case, active games are the best to get kids excited.

Valentine’s Day game How to play
Cupid Arrow Toss ·   An active game where kids can create cute cupid arrows

·   Arrows must be tossed to the plate with the number you intend to hit

Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt ·   Send kids on a Valentine’s Day themed scavenger hunt

·   They can discover various Valentine’s Day surprises

Unwrap the hearts relay game ·   Have kids get into teams and hand each child mittens

·   Kids will race to a table to unwrap a foil sealed chocolate heart

·   The first team to complete this, wins

Valentine’s Day Hopscotch ·   A fun, active, and educational game

·   Have them hop on hearts to words or numbers and recite the word or number word

Printable Valentine’s Day game: Romantic Comedy Two Truths and a Lie

In this game, you have to guess the lie between three statements related to popular romantic comedy movies.

If you are hosting a couples’ night, a Galentine’s get-together, or a Valentine’s Day party, get people to come up with their own list of romcom movies and list of two truths and a lie for each movie.