What happened to Greg Remsburg after Gold Rush?

Greg Remsburg left the show after the fifth season, as he wanted to keep a low profile after quickly becoming famous for his mining expertise.

Gold Rush is a reality television series that airs on the Discovery Channel. It follows the placer gold mining efforts of multiple family-run mining companies. Greg Remsburg is a construction expert and member of the Hoffman Crew, which is a crew of miners set up by the Hoffman family and led by Todd Hoffman.

Greg is a lifelong friend of Todd and came to Alaska with the group after losing his work and money ran low. Remsburg was responsible for fixing the crew’s equipment and machines. He also helped the crew with construction.

Remsburg left near the end of the second season of Gold Rush, but was regularly asked to return by Dave Turin when help was needed. Remsburg announced that he would not return to the show after featuring in the third season. Despite his announcement, Parker Schnabel required Greg’s expertise in Klondike, to which Greg obliged, joining Parker’s crew in the fourth season. Greg left the show for good after season five concluded.

According to IMDb, Remsburg starred in 70 episodes from 2011 to 2018. Greg made $30 000 per episode, and as at 2021, Greg’s net worth is reportedly $500 000. After leaving Gold Rush in 2018, Greg has been keeping a relatively low profile, while spending quality time with his family.