What happened to Kesley and Brock?

Details were never shared about Kesley and Brock’s breakup, but deleted Instagram comments from Brock’s mother confirmed their breakup in May 2022.

YouTube couple channels were a popular trend during the 2010s. However, as more and more of them broke up, the trend similarly waned on the platform. But there are relationships that still have budding YouTube channels.

One recent relationship which has since ended if deleted comments from Brock Mikesell’s mother, Betsy, are true, is that of Kesley LeRoy and Brock Mikesell. The teenage couple allegedly broke up in March 2022, after just over a year of dating.

The rise and fall of the YouTube couples era

YouTube has seen popular trends on the platform change throughout the years. From Vine-like inspired videos in the late 2000s, and the trend of makeup videos and now vlogs in the early 2010s, the popular content was YouTube couples. Every other popular YouTube channel made this content.

However, the trend began to see a decline as more and more of these couples were breaking up and subsequently released “We Broke Up” videos. As such, there have been fewer YouTube channels and even less “We Broke Up” videos in the 2020s so far.

What happened to Kesley and Brock?

Kesley Jade LeRoy and Brock Mikesell garnered their YouTube fame separately. Kesley earned a following through her family’s YouTube channel The LeRoys, and Brock got his YouTube acclaim through his YouTube channel, Brock and Boston, which he shares with his twin brother.

However, the two confirmed their relationship in June 2020, with a video which was released by Brock and Boston titled “MEET MY GIRLFRIEND *SECRET REVEALED.”

The video affirmed that the two were dating, albeit long distance. However, before the two confirmed that they were dating, they had been friends for years before.

Similarly to how Boston and his girlfriend, Ava Mabry were friends before officially confirming that they were dating, like the suggestive 2019 video shared titled “DOUBLE DATE! VSCO ALL NIGHTER!”

But as early as January 2022, YouTubers and fans of Kesley and Brock’s relationship started suspecting that the two may have broken up.

This is as they posted less couple content and did not speak about their relationship in their videos. Moreover, Kesley was preparing for college and none of her videos made reference to Brock.

But it was in March 2022, that their breakup was confirmed in the since deleted comments by Brock’s mother, Betsy, who confirmed that they broke up a week before the twins’ prom. The comments were matter of fact and did not detail the reason for the breakup.

Speculated reasons for Kesley and Brock’s break up

Since Brock and Kesley never actually confirmed their breakup, therefore leaving no room for them to share the reason for their breakup, fans of the former couple have speculated their own reasons for their split.

The biggest reason speculated for their breakup is that they are teenagers, and they are both currently 18 years old, with Kesley turning 19 in December 2022.

Teenage relationships, in most instances, do not last and their breakuop was just proof of that. Moreover, the two were dating long distance, and the distance would only be extended farther as Kesley was moving further away for college.

Kesley and Brock’s last videos together

The last time Brock Mikesell posted a video which featured Kesley and asserted her as his girlfriend was in January 2022, titled Giving My Girlfriend A Gift! | TEENS are back together AGAIN!”

The video was shot in December 2021, as it features what they gifted each other for Christmas. Kesley, on the other hand, last shared a video of the two of them together in January 2022 titled “We Finally Made This Happen.”

The video is of the two going on a globe date together after Brock seemed to have driven to Utah to spend a day with her.

Hope for Kesley and Brock reuniting in the future

While the two may have broken up for now, fans of the teenage couple who grew up with them are still holding onto the hope that the two could reunite in the future.

This is based on the fact that the former couple has not released a video confirming their break up, nor have they deleted the videos of the two of them together on their separate YouTube channels.

But the biggest reason that fans of the couple are still holding out hope that they might reunite in the future is that both Kesley and Brock’s Instagram accounts still have the posts that they shared of each other.