What happened to Ninja on Sous Vide Everything?

What happened to Ninja on the Sous Vide Everything, and what the main host Guga has said about Ninja not appearing in current episodes anymore.


Getting consumed by online content or content that tickles your interests the most is a good way of spending your down time. YouTube is one of the best platforms people use to consume a variety of content that piques their interest, such as food related videos.

Sous Vide Everything is a popular YouTube channel that covers all things food and is dedicated to the search for the most perfectly cooked proteins. So, for people who are looking to learn more, or who just want to watch their favourite proteins get cooked, Sous Vide Everything is the channel for you.

Sous Vide Everything

YouTube channel, Sous Vide Everything boasts 1.57 million subscribers and features chef Guga, who is extremely enthusiastic about cooking different proteins to perfection, mostly using the Sous Vide method and teaching people other ways of cooking better. These proteins can consist of pork, beef, fish and poultry.

The channel’s main host, Guga, was previously joined by Ninja. For those who keep up with the channel, questions may have come up about the whereabouts of Ninja, as Guga is seen to be the only one hosting the latest episodes.

What happened to Ninja on Sous Vide Everything?

With most of the latest episodes posted on the famous food channel, people might have noticed that Ninja is nowhere to be seen, with Guga being the only one cooking.

So, everyone is wondering, what happened to Ninja? Seeing that the channel’s followers had been accustomed to seeing both of their favourite hosts doing what they do best, dome have speculated that there might have been a falling out between the two hosts, hence Ninja’s disappearance.

However, back in 2019, Guga assured fans that as business partners, Ninja and himself had decided to continue their business operations remotely from home. With most of the episodes being filmed in his location, and Ninja being over an hour away from him. He also confirmed that he had not fired or fought with Ninja, and that they were still working together.

Does Ninja have his own YouTube channel?

Ninja does indeed have another YouTube channel where he is joined by his wife Mrs Ninja, as they make this channel more of a family affair and closer to home. Their channel is based on easy and enjoyable recipes, experimenting and Latin food all centred around a family orientated perspective.

The channel has over seven million views with only 125 000 subscribers, a far cry from over one million on Sous Vide Everything. Regardless, fans of Ninja will be happy to know that he still has something going on with his own channel.

What is cooking sous vide?

For those who are not aware and do not actually follow the Sous Vide Everything YouTube channel, sous vide is a different and interesting method of cooking food.

The sous vide method uses the technique of cooking at a low temperature, where the food has been sealed and vacuumed and placed in a heated water bath for a certain amount of time, leaving the food to get cooked gently.

The cooking is done from a sous vide machine. The cooking water is set to below simmering, which is anywhere from 125 degrees Fahrenheit to 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

What equipment is needed to cook sous vide style?

To successfully cook using the sous vide method, you would need two essential tools, namely, a vacuum-packing machine as well as an immersion circulator. The vacuum-packing machine would be used to seal the food in an airtight, food-grade plastic bag. Getting rid of the air in the bag helps to lock in flavour, while protecting food from getting wet during cooking.

The immersion circulator is a cylinder-shaped tool that works to regulate the temperature of the cooking water. It acts as a heater, thermometer and pump circulating the temperature evenly.


Making use of YouTube videos to entertain and learn new things on topics and things that interest you, is one of the reasons a lot of people spend lots of their time-consuming YouTube content. Not only is it there for entertainment, but it also helps with expanding your knowledge.

The Sous Vide Everything YouTube channel is now hosted by Guga, as Ninja, who has since not been present in Sous Vide Everything’s content, has a channel of his own with his wife. Due to working remotely, Ninja has not been in Sous Vide’s episodes, but they are still business partners.