What happened to Sam O’Nella?

Sam O’Nella was a popular YouTuber whose career was short-lived, following the release of two inflammatory videos which he took down to never be seen again since 2020. 

Samuel O’Nella is the name behind the popular YouTube channel, Sam O’Nella Academy. The YouTube channel was created as an educational channel with a unique take through the signature animation and comedic style of his videos.

It is this comedic style that polarised his viewers, due to some of his jokes that did not land as intended. Instead, they seemingly propagated narratives that resulted in the YouTuber receiving backlash for his videos.

There were two videos in particular which earned him both notoriety and backlash. The first was the video based on the Crimean war.

The video was taken down as O’Nella was responding to the backlash over it from his Russian fans, who alleged that the video in question was biased against them.

This was the first video which received attention from the public, resulting in it being taken down. However, at the time, the channel had not garnered as much attention as when he had to take down the Freud video.

Arguably his most popular and contentious video, it was suggested that O’Nella took the video down because of the time period in which it was released.

In August 2020, the YouTuber confirmed that the video was taken down by writing, “Sigmund Freud video’s [coming] down. Those of you out there who haven’t stopped reading know why. Sorry for the radio silence kids. Be back soon. Kiss kiss.”

It is reported that the reason for the video being taken down was that O’Nella was uncomfortable with the eel joke made in the video in hindsight, more so in light of the mainstream push for cancel culture as the joke touched on race relations.

Therefore, in order to avoid the possibility, the video was taken down. His last video on YouTube was posted in January 2020. Since then, O’Nella has not posted a video.

It was initially believed that the reason was for him to focus on school, especially following the pandemic.

However, with his non-return still being the case, social media users have joked that he has passed away due to the pandemic.

Sam O’Nella personality is alive, or at least on Twitter he is, as his last post was in June 2021.