What happened to Screen Team on YouTube?

What has Screen Team had to say about their plans regarding the future of their YouTube channel, as they solely focus on Angie Griffin’s Patreon content?


Starting a YouTube channel is no easy task as it will require you to be especially consistent about what it is you are trying to achieve. In some cases, people will begin their journeys and then years down the line, fall out of their routine for whatever reason.

The same can be said for Screen Team. The famous YouTube couple had been running their YouTube channel consistently since 2010, filming geeky videos and gaining 1.73 million subscribers and over 800 million views. It remains a mystery why Screen Team has not posted anything for three years.

Screen Team on YouTube

Screen Team and real-life couple, Angie Griffin and Chad Nikolaus gained YouTube popularity by filming geeky videos on their channel. Vidoes that were ranging from cosplay, parody videos, pranks, nerd crafts and re-enactments of nerdy superhero movies and reactions.

The two managed to build a community of over a million YouTube subscribers and over 800 million views of all their videos, so they clearly have a huge following and fan base.

It has, however, been three years since Screen Team has posted any videos, and their fans have been asking questions since as to why this is.

What happened to Screen Team on YouTube?

With three years having passed since Screen Team posted a video on YouTube, many of their followers have speculated on a lot of different things, including whether the couple might have broken up as the reason for the lack of activity on their favourite channel. Some have been curious to know if the channel was still even going to continue.

With information being scarce around what is happening with the duo, fans have simply been left to their speculations. Some are assuming that they are still indeed supporting each other, as it seems Chad is still helping Angie with her content as seen on her social media. Others assumed that Chad had fallen ill at some point and was unable to resume making content for Screen Team.

How did Angie and Chad meet and decide to start their YouTube channel?

The two confirmed that they met on the Hot or Not website, which was not your typical dating website at the time, as it was mainly about rating people’s photos. They decided to meet in person and immediately got along.

After sharing with each other that they both enjoyed making home videos such as skits, they used an old video camera to film their thoughts on The Dark Knight and from there, started to experiment with different video types before YouTube introduced ways of monetizing content.

What was Screen Team’s favourite part of making content for YouTube?

Reflecting on the years they spent creating content for their YouTube platform, the Screen Team duo admitted that their favourite part of being YouTube creators was the community they had built, the people who would leave good reviews and comments and offer the couple their support.

They highlighted that some people had even proposed to their spouses to one of their songs, as well as seeing videos of children dancing in their rooms to some of the parodies they created. Which the couple emphasized meant a lot to them.

What has the couple confirmed to be next for their YouTube channel?

Screen Team once confirmed that their Screen Team YouTube channel was on a break, which could be the reason for the three-year hiatus. They stressed that the reason for the break was to focus on the overwhelming response to Angie’s Patreon, and did however, promise to be back at some point.

The duo is working on thinking of ways to keep doing what they do as a way of keeping their community happy, as well as drawing in a younger and fresher audience.


For some digital creators, taking breaks from their channels is something that their YouTube channel communities will need to expect, as other opportunities might present themselves and need their immediate attention. As is the case with Screen Team, who fans have been speculating over for their lack of activity.

Fans of Screen Team can only hope that their favourite duo will be back at some point as they have promised, and can hold on to the fact that they are indeed possibly still together and are really focused on getting content out for Angie’s Patreon as they say.