What happened to the Dolan Twins?

Why have the Dolan Twins attributed the pressures of internet fame as the reason for leaving their YouTube channel and taking a break from their social media platforms?


As creators flock to digital platforms to find ways for themselves to make it and become just like their favourite creators, some are actually making the decision to step down from various platforms that have gained them overwhelming internet popularity and move on to bigger and better ventures elsewhere.

The Dolan Twins are amongst these digital creators who have decided to move on from their flagship YouTube channel that gained them over 10 million subscribers, moving onto other ventures. If that was not enough, in 2021, they seemingly disappeared from their social media altogether.

The Dolan Twins

Grayson Dolan and Ethan Dolan are the duo that make up the Dolan Twins. The twins gained popularity on the once popular platform Vine, where Grayson first started his journey and soon turned it into a Twin affair with Ethan joining him.

Together the twins took advantage of Vine and with that, moved on to start their YouTube channel in 2014 at the age of 14. Their channel went on to reach over 10 million followers but has not been active for a year after they confirmed their decision to leave YouTube.

What happened to the Dolan Twins?

Amongst having a YouTube channel, the Dolan Twins had also ventured into podcasting. Their podcast, Deeper with the Dolan Twins is where they made their official announcement that they were leaving YouTube.

According to the twins, they felt that it was starting to feel a little stale and limiting. They were also no longer interested in appeasing the YouTube algorithm anymore.

Another thing the twins had seemingly noted was that they knew their fans had picked up on their lack of positivity in videos. With quitting YouTube, the twins also seemed to have taken a break from their social media accounts, with only a few posts every once in a while between the two of them.

The former YouTube stars seem to be taking their break seriously and have moved to walking their life journeys in private as opposed to constantly being in the public eye.

Why did the Dolan Twins leave social media?

The Dolan Twins spent most of their 2021 year barely making appearances on their social media accounts while taking a break. They had only shared six posts between them over 11 months.

Both Ethan and Grayson quietly left their platforms dormant, but later explained that their decision to remain silent was due to them acknowledging that there had no longer been any joy in their posts as well as their video content. One of the other reasons the twins attributed to their break was that they needed to find inspiration.

What other reasons did the twins cite for leaving the digital content space?

For fans who might not have been satisfied with the explanations the twins had given for leaving social media and YouTube, they made a surprise appearance on Jennette McCurdy’s podcast titled The Perils of Fame, where they discussed the difficulties that come with choosing what to share online and what to keep private.

The twins touched on over-sharing and how when they turned 21, their lives felt like they no longer needed to be shared on social media, as they wanted to grow and change.

What have the twins been up to since?

While still maintaining a low profile, Ethan was spotted out by a fan at a shopping centre in Sydney holding hands with his girlfriend. A clip was shared as it gained 300 000 views, with over 2 000 comments from fans who could not believe that they were seeing their favourite star in the flesh, alive and well.

Grayson on the other hand has since become a father to a dog son named Sledge Dolan, but by the looks of things, it does not seem like the Dolan Twins have any plans of returning.


Internet fame is certainly not for the faint-hearted, as it will come with a lot of demanding things to keep up with. Such as maintaining a certain lifestyle and character to keep yourself relevant in the space, as well as relevant to the fans you have to keep appeased.

The Dolan Twins are amongst the few who chose to put themselves ahead of the pressures of the digital content creation space, while admitting that their seemingly perfect lives were not all they had cracked out to be. Choosing to leave their social platforms was influenced by wanting to live better.