What happened to Tobuscus?

Tony “Tobuscus” Turner almost lost his career when he was accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend in 2016, but he returned to YouTube and then stopped posting again.

Toby “Tobuscus” Turner is one of the most memorable YouTubers of the 2010s. He is a multi-talented musician, actor, social media maverick, YouTuber and comedian. During the mid-2010s, he was one of the most recognisable YouTubers in the United States, a fact which was derailed when an allegation was levelled against him which would threaten the future of his career. This happened before cancel culture was a thing, hence there was no move to have him cancelled at the time.

In 2016, his former girlfriend, April Fletcher, popularly known as AprilEfff, accused him of something that has irrevocably tainted his career. AprilEfff accused Tobuscus of sexually assaulting her. She and Tobuscus dated in 2013, which was when she alleged the rape(s) occurred. Not only that, but she alleged that Tobuscus was on drugs at the time, and that he would also drug her before taking advantage of her.

In 2016, Tobuscus uploaded a YouTube video addressing the allegations. Tobuscus was quoted as asserting, “A person I dated a few years ago has just made some extremely serious, false accusations about me. And I want to be crystal clear: I have never done anything without her consent.” Due to the allegations and the she-said-he-said situation, Tobuscus’ ex-girlfriends, Jaclyn Glenn and Amelia Talon spoke out about their dating experiences with him.

Talon also accused Tobuscus of drugging and raping her, while Glenn admitted to having sometimes felt pressured to comply. She, however, denied ever being forced into sexual intercourse. Seeing as none of the accusations were taken to court, Tobuscus focused on moving on from the social media furore. Instead, he worked on growing his social media presence and continued to post on his YouTube channel until April 2020.