What happened with Destiny and Hasan?

What has been the cause of heated disagreements between popular Twitch streamers, Destiny and Hasan and fellow streamers that have been getting involved in the heated competition?

Sometimes being on a very popular online platform as a streamer or a content creator with others just like you, can bring about some competition and some clashes.

This is often the case, especially with the competitive world of gaming. Tensions can rise highly between gamers.

Popular Twitch streamers, Destiny and Hasan have always been known to have back-and-forth exchanges that have never been pleasant.

Their most recent incident had streamers glued to their screens in anticipation of what each party would say and do next to defend their honour.

Destiny and Hasan

Destiny, whose real name is Steven Bonnell and Hasan, whose real name is Hasan Piker, are both very popular Twitch streamers, who are well-known for their work on the Twitch platform as well as for their constant disagreements and possible dislike for each other.

Both streamers are known for not getting along. Their followers and viewers seem to never be surprised when a new incident of them being at odds with each other occurs.

Therefore, it came as no shock to the Twitch community when one of the latest incidents between Destiny and Hasan found them in disagreement once again.

What happened with Destiny and Hasan?

In most cases, when two Twitch streamers are not getting along, their Twitch community of followers and viewers follow suit.

Other Twitch streamers may also find themselves getting in the middle of a disagreement between rival streamers or offer support to one. This was the case when it came to one of the latest tiffs between popular Twitch streamers Destiny and Hasan.

In one incident, Destiny accused Hasan of using a racially charged slur in his stream, whereby he used the word “gusano”, which means worm in Spanish and may have more sinister connotations in Cuba, given that Destiny is indeed Cuban-American.

In another incident between the two Twitch streamers, Hasan claimed that two of his moderators had been banned from Twitch because of their use of the word “cracker.” Destiny went on to claim it racist.

Which Twitch streamers agreed with Destiny in terms of “cracker” being a racist term?

Destiny was not the only Twitch streamer to think that the term cracker was indeed racist, leaving Hasan with more streamers pitted against him collectively.

xQc and Pokimane both came out to agree with Destiny that cracker was a racist term, and that Hasan was wrong for thinking otherwise.

Destiny also publicly ranted against everyone who was against Twitch and Reddit’s decisions to ban people for using the word. xQc agreed with Destiny’s take on the matter stating, “it made lost [lots] of sense.”

What happened in the “gusano” incident?

In another incident whereby Destiny called out Hasan, he accused Hasan of another racial act whereby he claimed that the fellow Twitch streamer had used a word that had sinister connotations in Cuba.

Destiny, being Cuban-American, called out Hasan for his use of the word “gusano” on a stream, which in Spanish means worm but has a more racially damaging meaning in Cuba.

The two Twitch streamers have since gone back and forth on the matter, with Hasan defending himself and claiming that the word only represented a certain type of behaviour or a political attitude.

What have followers of the two streamers had to say on Reddit?

Of couse, when your favourite streamer is at war with another rival streamer, you as a follower will come out to debate on their disagreements as they happen.

Followers of Destiny and Hasan have taken to Reddit as a space to share and debate on the constant fighting between the streamers.

One follower pointed out how Hasan has always been singled out for his opinions on Twitch, noting that the streamer struggled to take criticism. Other users also came out to say they really felt bad for Hasan.

Final thoughts

In the world of competitive online game streaming, things can get very heated between Twitch streamers.

Competition and also a difference in opinions amongst many other things can cause some animosity and rivalry amongst Twitch streamers, leading to disagreements and followers and fellow streamers also taking individual sides.

This has been the case with popular Twitch streamers Destiny and Hasan, who have been known to not get along on a range of issues.

They have had racially charged disagreements centred on Destiny calling out Hasan for some terms and his use of words that he deems are racial slurs.