What is a dead YouTube channel?

A dead YouTube channel is a channel that has been inactive or has stopped posting content regularly for some time.

The most common advice given to aspiring YouTube channel creators is that they should just start one. However, this also comes with the possibility of not growing in the YouTube space, which can leave people feeling despondent.

Alternatively, even with success, the pressure of maintaining your YouTube channel can be daunting for some. As such, you can decide to stop posting completely or be inconsistent with your uploads.

This occurrence is referred to as a dead YouTube channel. One of the consequences of having a dead YouTube channel is the risk of losing subscribers.

A much contested “dead” YouTube trend

In order to grow your channel, you need to follow the popular YouTube trends if you want to garner new subscribers. In 2021, the leading trend was vlogs, and they were document “a day in the life”, “a weekly vlog”, etc.

However, one of the most contentious trends is the suggestion that vlogs are a dying trend, especially for those who are trying to grow their YouTube channel.

The notion that the trend is dead is contested based on the fact that if you are looking to grow your page exponentially in a short period of time, then the trend is not dead, as vlogging is like a window into your life.

What is a dead YouTube channel?

There are two ways that a dead YouTube channel can be understood. Denotatively, it is a term that can refer to a channel which belongs to a YouTuber that has passed away. However, this is not the common use of the term in most instances.

Universally, the term is understood to mainly refer to a YouTube channel which has either stopped uploading videos completely, or that is not as consistent with its uploads as it used to be.

Reasons for this can vary, and in terms of popular YouTubers that had an impressive number of subscribers before the channel died, the YouTuber may have grown out of love with creating content for YouTube.

Alternatively, they could be facing a mental health challenges due to their growth and having to face the responsibility of continually producing content for the channel.

An example of this is the sporadic break that popular YouTuber Emma Chamberlain took for a few months before returning to YouTube.

For smaller YouTube channels, stagnancy and a lack of growth of the channel can be the reason that the YouTube channel is dead. This is as it can be discouraging to create content, but no one is consuming the content.

However, having a dead YouTube channel is not a sign that you must start again, as there are some interventions that you can try before giving up. This includes creating search-based content, uploading regularly, and re-engaging with your old subscribers.

1. Creating search-based content

If you are returning to YouTube and you want to revive your dead channel, one of the easiest ways to return is by creating search-based content.

This means creating videos which are a popular trend on YouTube, and using commonly used words and phrases as the title of the video. This helps to make your videos more visible or more readily accessible when one is looking for similar video content.

One of the ways that this has been made easy is through TubeBuddy, which allows you to plug terms into the interface and see if it’s suitable for your channel.

In addition to providing a score analysis of things like search volume, competition, and a number of search results.

2. Uploading more consistently

Regular and scheduled uploads are another way to revive your dead YouTube channel.

This is as regular and scheduled uploads allows your subscribers to have expectations for when your videos are coming out, which re-establishes your relationship, in a sense, with your subscribers as they know when to expect your videos.

It also allows them to recommend your channel so that you can get more subscribers. Preferably uploading maybe once a week, for smaller YouTubers, or at least once or twice in a month for macro YouTubers.

3. Re-engaging with your subscribers

The suggestion that they “comment, like and subscribe” your videos, which is shared by almost every YouTuber, is said so that the video can be more appealing to the algorithm.

Therefore, by re-engaging with your old subscribers and improving your engagements in the comments section and getting more likes for a video, your video can pop-up higher during searches, which will introduce your channel to new potential subscribers.

This too will help to grow your YouTube channel more than it was before it was dead.