What is a fun Christmas party game?

Christmas is a time for all sorts of festivities with family, friends, and colleagues, but it is also a time when lots of Christmas party games are played.

Christmas is a time where families come together, and festivities are had. It is also a time where people go home to be with their loved ones whom they have probably not seen in a long time.

It can be a norm for some people to plan interesting activities to do with their family and friends during the Christmas period, whether it be to travel and see more family members, have a destination Christmas holiday, or to just spend their time enjoying each other’s company in the comfort of their homes whilst finding the means to keep everyone entertained.

Christmas games

One way for people to stay entertained during Christmas with family, friends, or lovers is to immerse yourself in some of the many Christmas games you can play to keep busy and have fun.

Many families love hosting each other for Christmas parties and lunches or dinners, some of which require some form of entertainment.

You can keep the mood and atmosphere jolly by playing games together as a family, with your lover, or with your friends. Party games can create bonding experiences between people and there are some fun Christmas party games.

What is a fun Christmas party game?

At Christmas time, many  people go all out to be the best Christmas party host of the year. Some families have traditions of rotating who hosts the next Christmas party for the extended family.

To be remembered as one of the best hosts, the goal will have to be to ensure that everyone is entertained and that you have the best Christmas games. Fortunately, there are plenty of Christmas party games that can be played by everyone.

Christmas parties are not only hosted at home with families, your office may also decide to host annual Christmas parties at which colleagues can party together to close off the year before everyone leaves for their Christmas holiday destinations.

Christmas party games in the office are a must-have to complete everything and keep people entertained through hilarious and fun games after a hectic work year.

Christmas party games in the workplace

Christmas parties in the workplace can get people in the Christmas spirit. Many workplaces pride themselves in hosting big Christmas parties for all employees at the end of the year before people go their separate ways.

Christmas party games should not be left out at any office Christmas party, and there are plenty to choose from.

Christmas game How to play
Pass the present ·   Have everyone bring a wrapped-up present

·   Pass gifts around until the music stops

·   Offers an alternative to Secret Santa

Blind Christmas tree ·   Each team member gets green paper

·   The objective is to rip the paper into the shape of a Christmas tree

·   This is done blindfolded with paper behind their back

·   The person who makes the best-looking tree is the winner

Christmas bake-off ·   Have employees bake some of their best dishes

·   Whoever has the most delicious treats wins

Christmas charades ·   Have teams come up with Christmas movies or anything Christmas inspired

·   These ideas should be pulled from a hat

·   The rest of the group should guess what is being acted out

Christmas party games for the family

Some good Christmas party games with the family can help elevate the holiday spirit.

Christmas game How to play
Wrapping race ·   The messier the wrapped-up present, the better

·   See who can wrap their present the fastest

Scavenger hunt ·   Get everyone active in a scavenger hunt

·   People can hunt for their hidden gifts and other Christmas-related stuff like treats

Christmas dance freeze ·   Another way to get people moving by dancing

·   Turn the music off and people must freeze when it stops

·   Whoever freezes last is out of the game

Oven mitts game ·   Make the concept of opening gifts more difficult by attempting to unwrap gifts wearing mitts

Virtual Christmas party games for adults

There are a few games designed to be played by adults who want to have their own fun at a Christmas party.

Christmas game How to play
Jingle Mingle Bingo ·   Played on Zoom

·   Split people into teams giving them a link to a Bingo card and create breakout rooms

·   To mark off a square, players must find another player fitting a description

·   The first group to get five boxes in a row and return to the breakout room wins

The Naughty List ·   This is an interesting game where people confess to any holiday offences

·   Participants start with cameras on, the leader reads some deeds aloud, and guilty players turn off their cameras

·   Players that remain on screen at the end of the game are put on the “nice” list and rewarded

Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition ·   A Christmas version

·   Participants put a finger down for each Never Have I Ever Christmas prompt that they have done

·   This can be spiced up by having participants take a sip of alcohol

Awkward Family Christmas Card ·   On Zoom, split groups into breakout rooms.

·   Give each team time to draw the most Awkward Christmas on the digital whiteboard

·   Teams return from breakout rooms and share their cards – the best card wins