What is Google Play credit?

Exploring what Google Play credits are, and how they can save you from having to spend your money paid apps, games and other tools on Google Play Store.


When people say money talks, they aren’t lying. Money is needed to purchase any and everything that you need. Which is no wonder why people resort to any means of not having to spend their money where they can. Taking legal and ethical short cuts to avoid spending can be useful.

When it comes to the technological gadgets that you own, and the applications you need to use them, most often you will need to pay money to purchase the most essential applications needed for your devices to function. More importantly, for those devices to offer you the best in user experience that you paid for.

Google Play credit

Google Play credit is one of the tools that make it easier to spend money without spending your own money. It is an escape to having to pay to download some applications for your technology gadgets. Google Play credits can be earned from the Google Play Store, from downloading free applications, taking surveys or participating in various activities.

This can be all done on applications and sites on the Google Play Store, that help you to get paid and earn some Play credits that you can later use to purchase some of the paid applications that you require from Google Play.

What is Google Play credit?

Google Play credit is basically your shortcut to having to spend your own money on paying for essential and non-essential applications on Google Play Store. You might be looking to download the latest picture editing application for your phone but find that it will cost you money you are not willing to spend.

Gathering Google Play credits will help you make your purchase, if you work to accumulate the points you need. Getting free Play credits will require you to explore sites where this is the sole purpose.

Your Google Play credits will come in the form of a gift card balance that you can then use to buy anything on the Google Play store, from paid applications, eBooks, games, movies, audiobooks and Android devices. All you would need is to simply download the free apps and complete activities for points.

How can you redeem your Google Play credits?

During set up, you will be asked to confirm your Google payment profile in order for Google to apply your Google Play credits to your account.

You will be able to redeem your Google Play credits by selecting the Play Store button on the home screen of the mobile app, or by simply shopping from the Google Play Store by clicking on the Redeem button and entering your gift code. The credits are deposited into your Google Play account balance, and anything you buy is charged with your balance, and not your card.

Is it possible to come across Google Play credit scams?

Unfortunately, this is possible, and you will need to be extra cautious when determining which sites could be possible scams. When a site is likely to be a scam, you will know this because it will promise you credit multipliers and code hacks.

When a site is legit, you will only be offered a few points at a time. If the site also has bad grammar, it may be a scam. Sites that require too much personal information and credit card numbers without you making a purchase are scams.

Is it possible for Google Play credits to expire?

Yes, once received, your Google Play credits will come with an expiration date. They will be set to last for up to a year, and if they go unclaimed over that time, they will unfortunately expire. You will be able to tell when your credits are due to expire, as the Home screen will notify you and this will be indicated right under your total Play credit balance.

It is therefore important to ensure that you use up your Play credit on time.


In a world where money consumes everything and you find yourself having to spend unnecessarily, finding alternative ways to avoid spending but still getting what you want will save you. Fortunately, there are tools available to help you avoid spending your own money on things you have not planned for.

Purchasing applications on Play Store has also been made simple and less costly for those who are not looking to spend money on the things they want to purchase on the Play Store. Google Play credits make it easy to make these purchases without having to spend your money.