What is the point of YouTube Shorts?

What the point of YouTube Shorts is according to YouTube and how it sees its new tool helping YouTubers grow what they already have and continue to excel.


Content creation has taken over the online digital and social world, and one way that people have been getting busy and sharing content is through different channels. Channels that offer users a tool to create short-form vertical video’s while doing anything they consider to be content worthy and appealing to an audience.

YouTube has also jumped into creating a tool that allows users to create short-form video clips, which is something new for the platform since it is known for its longer-form YouTube video offering. People might wonder what the point of YouTube Shorts is, as it has adopted the new trend.

YouTube Shorts

The introduction of YouTube Shorts probably left not only its users but people in general surprised, as the platform saw it fit to join in on all the short-form content creation buzz.

It certainly was unexpected with YouTube being known as the one platform where long-form video content dominated their content creation space.

Nevertheless, people have supported the new addition of Shorts onto the YouTube platform with many having created some of the best Shorts.

As much as this is an exciting introduction to the popular platform, some might be wondering what the whole point is to Shorts.

What is the point of YouTube Shorts?

For those who might have been confused as to why YouTube decided to go the Short-form route after so long being the platform of longer video content, YouTube explained this addition through a blog post.

According to the post, every month, two million viewers visit YouTube to make themselves happy through entertainment, to learn and to connect and build entire businesses, so the company saw it fit to offer creators a space to create with the convenience of their mobile smartphones.

Moreover, YouTube’s very first video upload is reportedly where user-generated short-form videos were born, with the release of the 18-second-long video, titled Me at the zoo.

YouTube also observed how consumers were keen on more bite-sized content they could watch or listen to at any time in the day, in turn helping content creators take advantage of the power of their smartphones to create quality content.

How can creators prepare to make their YouTube Shorts?

There are certain aspects to consider when it comes to creating YouTube Shorts, especially for creators who are looking to take advantage of the rewards they offer.

One of these aspects involves optimizing short YouTube videos by adding #shorts to descriptions on videos that are 60 seconds long or less.

Secondly, identifying short-form topics could also help, so that you can share whatever content you are already covering with Shorts around quick tips or steps to follow. This can allow for content to be more concentrated into a Short.

What makes YouTube Shorts different from its competitors?

There are a few reasons why Shorts is different to its TikTok and Instagram competitors, and this includes the fact that it possibly has one of the largest music libraries.

This is because so many artists actually upload their music videos to YouTube, thus offering a bigger music library compared to competitors.

YouTube Shorts also has a scheduling tool that considers a social marketer’s dream, and it allows for creators to be able to schedule when their Short will go up for when you cannot do it manually during your performance peak.

Is YouTube Shorts likely to take off?

While the early signs are said to have been somewhat positive, with a strong demand for short-form content, Shorts have already shown signs of strong usage numbers in its available markets.

Daily views have already reached approximately 6.5 billion. YouTube is also holding on to the fact that it knows that where creators go users will follow.

However, one uncertainty is the fact that TikTok has been successful for its algorithm that works great, but YouTube is yet to confirm how its YouTube Shorts algorithm works and if it is the same as YouTube’s long-form videos.


With YouTube’s introduction of the Shorts tool for short-form video content creation for creators, this move has come with a dose of competition for platforms that had long established themselves as short-form content creation spaces such as TikTok. YouTube joining the space leaves creators wondering what Shorts will offer.

Some might have also asked themselves why YouTube has decided to go the Shorts route, while also questioning the point of YouTube Shorts.

YouTube is basically looking for ways to give its users and audiences more reach and exposure, considering the community of millions it already has excelling with them.