What mouse does TenZ use?

TenZ is currently using a mouse that he designed called the Starlight Pro – TenZ, which is currently sold out on the official website.

The world of gaming has a number of leading gamers with an avid following that is interested in purchasing similar equipment to that of the gamer(s) that they admire. One of the leading VALORANT gamers is American gamer, TenZ.

TenZ became a household name even before joining the Sentinel’s roster from his days as part of the Counter-Strike professional player for Cloud 9.

Furthermore, he recently released his own mouse, called the Starlight Pro -TenZ, which is sold out despite the contention about its price.

Who is TenZ?

TenZ leaped to VALORANT when it launched in April 2020. His real name is Tyson Ngo, but he is more popularly known as TenZ.

The gamer was previously a professional Counter-Strike player, but following his move to VALORANT, allegedly due to the seven-figure buyout to join the Sentinels roster, he has been instrumental to the team’s success internationally.

This was asserted by their win in June 2021 during the premier annual VALORANT international LAN event which took place in Reykjavik.

Currently, TenZ is one of the highest ranking professional players in North America with over 2.9 million followers on Twitch.

What mouse does TenZ use?

Gamers are always interested in finding out what popular gamers use to game on Twitch. As such, many gamers have commercialised the interest by creating their own signature equipment which is sold with their endorsement.

As one of the leading gamers in the industry, TenZ is no different, as he had shared with his followers before July 2022 that he was working on creating a mouse that would be affordable but ideal for gaming.

In June 2022, he revealed that he had worked with Finalmouse to create his own mouse called the Starlight Pro – TenZ. The mouse was officially for sale from July 2022 and retailed for the less than affordable price of $189.99.

Despite leaning more on the pricier side, the mouse and its endorsement by TenZ resulted in it being sold out on the official website.

Currently, it does not seem like there is an intention to restock the mouse as no official word has been released by Finalmouse or TenZ addressing the possibility of restocking.

As such, whenever the gamer posts on his Twitter feed, a question he is frequently asked is about the giveaway for the mouse, the details about which were never shared publicly if it did happen.

But TenZ has still not shared any word on the matter. The gamer is seemingly moving on with his other commercial endeavours like promoting his latest merchandise line, which recently went on sale on his merchandise store.

However, Finalmouse Starlight Pro – TenZ is available for purchase on Amazon.

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TenZ’ Starlight Pro mouse specifications

The Starlight Pro -TenZ has a unique design as it has a grated magnesium chassis cover with an ultem base. It has a final sensor which is designed to go into various stages of rest mode depending on how idle it has been.

The esports sensor has a resolution of up to 20 000 cpi and it is also touted to have tournament wireless technology to produce reliable performance, which is better than a wired mouse with a polling rate of 1000hz.

Owing to its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the mouse is estimated to have a battery life of 160 hours or more, which is about an average of three weeks.

What are TenZ’s mouse settings on VALORANT?

Aside from getting the mouse, it is important that you understand the settings that TenZ uses when he is playing VALORANT. The mouse setting are as follows:

Finalmouse Starlight Pro – TenZ settings
DPI 800
eDPI 352
Polling Rate 1000
In-game Sensitivity 0.22
Scoped Sensitivity 1
Windows Sensitivity 6

Possible reason for the delay in restock confirmation

One of the reasons that official word has not been shared about whether or not the Starlight Pro – TenZ mouse will be restocked may be related to the shipping of the original stock.

Finalmouse has stipulated that the shipping of the mouse was going to start in mid-August 2022, after the mouse became available in mid-July 2022.

Moreover, depending on the location, shipping could take anywhere between two and four weeks, and the orders are not delivered by the chronology of the orders made.

As such, it is safe to assume that Finalmouse is still handling the deliveries of the first roll out and once these have been completed, official word on possible restocks may be communicated.