What time does Bailey Sarian upload?

Bailey Sarian, the popular YouTuber and Instagram personality, uploads a new Murder, Mystery and Makeup video on her YouTube channel every Monday.

Bailey Sarian is an American Instagram personality, YouTuber and overall social media celebrity. She became widely known when she started the Murder, Mystery and Makeup video series on her YouTube channel. Sarian also gained popularity on Instagram for her beauty and makeup-related content. In the Murder, Mystery and Makeup series, Sarian talks about real-life crime events while doing a makeup tutorial. The series currently has over 90 episodes.

When asked what the inspiration was behind the series, Bailey stated that her mother, who was a 911 dispatcher, used to take her to work when she was a little girl. Bailey was amazed by the different incidents that took place in the police department. When people called 911, she would listen to their complaints through a pair of headphones. Sarian claimed that this fuelled her interest in crime stories. Sarian also admitted that creating the videos can be very tiring, as she needs to do a lot of research before filming. As a result, she recently revealed that she hired a research assistant to help her with the work.

Most of the victims in the series are women. Sarian revealed that she hopes that the videos will help raise awareness on the constant abuse and crimes committed against women. Bailey also stated that these crime stories can have a negative effect on her, so she has to take breaks from them.

In addition, Sarian also uploads dark history, lifestyle, skincare and vlog content. Her YouTube channel currently has over five million subscribers and over 540,000,000 views. Sarian’s Instagram account currently has over two million followers.

Before her popularity, Bailey worked at Sephora and Urban Decay as a makeup artist. She also did professional makeup jobs for commercials, weddings and music videos. Bailey uploads a new Murder, Mystery and Makeup video on her YouTube channel every Monday, while other content is uploaded on her channel on Saturdays.