What to ask your husband after an affair

When you’ve just found that your husband has betrayed you and looked at another woman, it will be hard for you.

When the trust has been broken and you feel as if you never knew who he was, it will be hard for you.

It’s better to find out exactly what happened. You need to understand what led him to cheat on you. It is up to you if you want to make things work after finding out. This is something that will require you to get closer and decide on what to do.

These are questions you can ask him to get to the bottom of the issue you are facing.

Did you even think about how this will make me feel?

You want insights on whether he ever thought about how this will affect you once you find out. Do this while looking him in the eyes and you will see the whole truth. He should tell you the truth and do not let him make excuses but demand  him to be honest with you.

Did you feel guilty about what you did?

Ask him whether he felt guilty after having sex with her. People have different reasons why they cheat. It might be that he got married to you thinking that he will not have commitment issues again. This doesn’t justify his actions because these are things he should have told you before you even got married.

Was this the first time or has it happened before?

You might not be ready to get an answer to this question, but you need to hear it. If he has been unfaithful to you, it means that he does not consider your feelings nor respect you.

Was it serious between the two of you?

You need to know if what they had was more real for him. It will give you a clear picture of whether he still feels the same way about you.. If they used to talk about a future together, it means things were getting serious.