What to do with my life

Every human being on earth has a dire need to find purpose in life. However, the path to finding purpose is not an easy one for most people.

The inability to fully articulate our purpose, our passions, and interests often leave us hopeless and confused. Most people have not fully discovered their life’s purpose and are constantly searching. There is a high probability that people who seem like they are living purposeful lives are yet to discover their passions. This is why many people resign from their stable office jobs in their 40’s to open, for example, a gallery or a coffee shop.

If you do not know what to do with your life, chances are, you are not alone. You could overcome this confusion by changing your perception. Not knowing what to do gives you a chance to explore new and exciting career paths. This should be an exciting feeling for you to be able to open yourself up for an adventure. If you are currently stuck and confused, use these tips to help you discover your interests:

Consult with a career counsellor

Counsellors use approved and legitimate career tests to help their patients find purpose in life. This will also give you a chance to discuss your interests and hobbies. Your lack to fully articulate your interests may be the cause of your confusion. Find someone to help you discover them.

Do proper research

Take time to research the different career fields you wish to take on. This will help you prepare the right academic qualifications and skills needed for the job. In your research, look for both pros and cons of the career path in order to have realistic expectations.

Job shadow

Ask experts in different career fields to shadow them. This will give you insight into the day-to-day activities of those career fields. You will then decide if you are willing to commit to those.

Ultimately, the answers to your confusion are within you. No one best knows your interests and passions more than you do.