What to post on TikTok for business

It can be difficult to know what to post when you are a business on TikTok, but creating unique and entertaining content is a good place to start.


TikTok is a popular video-sharing platform where users and businesses can interact in creative ways.

Because the content on this platform is quite different from that of other social media platforms, businesses have to devise new strategies for posting own, earned, and paid-for content.

About TikTok

TikTok has an interesting history. It was first founded in 2016 as Douyin by a Chinese company called ByteDance. After ByteDance acquired Musical.ly in 2017, the two platforms were combined into what is now known as TikTok, in 2018.

Since then, the short-form content and video-sharing social media platform has steadily grown in popularity and is now used in over 150 countries worldwide.

The platform is well-known for the creative and interactive nature of its content, boasting a range of in-application editing functions and additional features like duets and stitches, which allow users to interact with brands and discover new ones.

What to post on TikTok for business

The content on TikTok is quite different from the content on other social media sites. This platform only allows users to post bite-sized videos.

Even though the formats TikTok offers for content-sharing look limited at first glance, they have managed to curate a thriving online community where engagement levels with content are significantly high.

This is likely due to many of the in-application features that allow users to interact with other users’ content and create interesting content of their own.

The abundant younger demographic of the platform, which are users between 18 and 24 years old, also means that content that performs well on the platform is usually quite entertainment based.

It can be difficult for businesses to translate their communication strategies and brand identity onto this platform, but there are several ways that they can post using own, earned, and paid content that can, in turn, help businesses create content on TikTok.

What own-content can businesses post on TikTok?

When you are posting content as a business to your own TikTok account, it is important to remember that TikTok users value creative, out-of-the-box content that shows off the fun side of your brand’s personality.

The younger audience and TikTok’s bite-sized content format means that the quality and setup of your videos do not necessarily need to be the best, as long as they are entertaining to watch and easy to engage and interact with.

Some ideas for own-content posts include:

Post Explanation
Make a video featuring the office pet or mascot Videos that contain animals tend to do really well on TikTok.
Give a tour of your workplace This can help to make your brand appear more authentic and give users a behind-the-scenes peak into the business.
Introduce users to your company name If you have an interesting story or unique business name, this can help increase brand awareness.
Film the office lip-syncing to a popular sound Using a popular sound bite, hashtag, or challenge, can also help increase your reach on the platform.

What earned content can businesses generate on TikTok?

User-generated content is one of the elements that can really help brands thrive on TikTok. There are various ways for users on the platform to interact with videos from their favourite brands that they found interesting and engaging, besides just the usual “like” and “comment” engagement.

Some of the ways businesses can generate earned content on TikTok are:

Post Explanations
Create a post where you encourage users to “stitch” the video with their favourite product from your brand This can lead to word-of-mouth endorsements for your brand.
Create a hashtag for your business This will encourage users to include this hashtag when they feature your products in their videos, and make it easy for other users to search for and find your business.

What paid content can businesses post on TikTok?

Besides the content that you post on the platform or that other users generate for you, you can also pay to have advertisements on TikTok. Examples of this are:

Post Explanation
Brand takeover The first content that a user sees when they open the application
Native advertisements Advertisements that appear on the user’s normal feed
Sponsored hashtag challenges This creates a banner with your branding which can increase exposure

Final thoughts

The TikTok platform has many features that make it unique in the world of social media platforms.

To capture the attention of TikTok users, businesses on the platform need to create engaging and creative content of their own which is generated by other users on the platform or which they have paid to have featured.