What to say when someone is sick

Dealing with any kind of disease is frightening not only for the patient but the people close to them.

Sicknesses are emotionally, physically and financially taxing. They cause stress and fear. When someone is sick they are most likely to fear for their life. This may cause them to feel depressed and lost. It is very important to share cheerful and kind words with the sick.

Here are some examples:

You are in my thoughts and prayers

Telling them that you are thinking about them let them know that you care. Being sick puts a halt on someone’s life whilst others move on. Letting them know you are in their thoughts  has the potential to provide them with hope. If they are religious and believe in a higher power, tell them you are praying for their healing.

How are you doing?

Asking them how they are gives them a chance to communicate their feelings, which, in turn, allows them to vent. This is important for them to cope better with the depression that may result from the sickness. Listen attentively when they speak and respond in a calm and peaceful manner.

You look and sound better today

Tell them that they are making progress and getting better. This might give them hope and help alleviate stress and the fear of death. Knowing that they are getting better has the potential to change their attitude towards the disease and cope better.

I admire you for your strength

Letting them know that they are strong enough to deal with their sickness gives them the courage and will to hold on.

Let me know if you need anything

Offer your help to them. This will assist them in feeling less under pressure to get everything done whilst facing a health crisis. Lessen their burden and help them whenever and wherever you can.

There is a high chance that the sick person lives in constant worry and fear of the unknown. If your words fail you, make kind gestures such as bringing them flowers, cooking them dinner, and helping out with laundry. It is really the thought that counts.