When did Bijuu Mike start YouTube?

When did Bijuu Mike start his first and second YouTube channels, and which famous YouTube sensations has he been associated with since his rise to YouTube stardom?


The gaming community is huge on a platform such as YouTube, with many YouTube content creators sharing videos of their different gaming experiences, reviews of games, insights, playing with other gamers, as well as live streaming themselves playing a variety of games with their audiences.

Bijuu Mike is one of these YouTube creators who specialises in online gaming content and shares it with his large YouTube audience.

He is a popular YouTuber who has built his YouTube community and made a name for himself successfully. Let us take a look at when the famous YouTuber started his YouTube journey.

Bijuu Mike and YouTube

Like many other YouTubers, Bijuu Mike started somewhere. He has grown his name on the YouTube platform as one of the biggest YouTube content creators specialising in content for the significantly vast gaming community that exists on YouTube.

Bijuu Mike is known for his content related to certain games, as well as for providing his YouTube community with a bit of his sense of humour in his YouTube videos.

As with many other YouTube content creators who are now successful on the platform, Bijuu works hard to ensure that he successfully grows and sustains his presence.

When did Bijuu Mike start YouTube?

All YouTube content creators began their journey somewhere, and have had to grow their audience and gain support for their YouTube channels.

The same was the case for popular YouTuber, Bijuu Mike. He is most popular for creating and posting videos about games for Yandere Simulator and Doki Doki Literature Club.

Bijuu Mike is also known for his Friday Night Funkin Videos, and he started creating for the YouTube platform on 18 June, 2013.

He has since managed to accumulate up to 3.32 million subscribers, and has gained over 1 077 596 081 views on his channel, and before beginning his YouTube career, Bijuu Mike was employed at Walmart.

Who is Bijuu Mike?

Bijuu Mike’s real name is Michael Lucas, and he was born on 26 October 1992, making him 29 years old. He is from California in the United States of America, and he was raised by his parents along with his older sister.

Bijuu Mike got involved in computer games at a very young age and was one of his high school’s top gamers.

He developed a keen love for Japanese anime in his freshman year, and soon found himself solely playing anime games, and he never attended college.

Does Bijuu Mike have a second YouTube channel?

The answer to this is yes, Bijuu Mike does indeed have a second YouTube channel that is solely dedicated to his YouTube Shorts.

Bijuu Mike started this second channel on 26 November 2021, making it his newest and youngest channel with only 18200 current subscribers, and a total of 78 623 channel views.

The channel description states that it is the official channel for his short clips and his funny moments. The channel has four videos on it so far, with the last uploaded video from four months ago.

Bijuu Mike’s famous video clips and his past associations with other YouTubers

Bijuu Mike did his first live stream in February 2017, and first revealed his wife on YouTube around the same time. He managed to surpass 100 million YouTube views in 2017, and has also streamed over 25 different games on his channel.

He also opened a fan mail on YouTube in June 2017 and created a second channel he once called Scrubtaku. Bijuu Mike has met and been associated with the YouTube sensation and inspiration, Matthias, and has posted him on Instagram.

Final thoughts

Starting a YouTube journey is not easy, and popularity cannot be built overnight. Famous YouTubers have had to work exceptionally hard to become the big names that they are now, and to grow their YouTube communities from one to millions of subscribers, with millions of views.

Bijuu Mike might be a big deal on YouTube now, but it is because he worked hard to grow on YouTube and stay relevant.

Having started his YouTube channel in June 2013, he has built his YouTube community to over three million subscribers and has over a billion views on his channel, to date.