When is Dragon Ball Super coming back?

Dragon Ball Super has not yet confirmed whether it will be returning for a second season, however, fans are hopeful that the series will be making a comeback.

Dragon Ball Super premiered in 2016 and immediately took over the anime community. Viewers praised the production for its advanced graphics and intriguing storyline, which was said to be gripping from the first episode. The first season ended in 2018 and production for the second season was believed to be underway. With the lengthy amount of time required to produce an anime series, fans were expecting season two to be released in mid-2019, however, that did not happen.

Thereafter, in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic further delayed any plans of a second season, leaving fans greatly disappointed. Dragon Ball Super and Toei Animation have yet to confirm or deny the possibility of a return; however, fans are confident that season two will be releasing in late 2021. Viewers have inundated the show’s Twitter page with questions on the matter, but they have received no response for over two years.