When is Ginny And Georgia season two?

Ginny And Georgia is yet to be renewed by Netflix for a second season, however, if given the greenlight, viewers can expect the new season in early 2022.

Ginny And Georgia has been noted as one of Netflix’s breakout series for the first half of 2021, following its premiere in February 2021. The show trended at number one worldwide for a number of days, and proved to be well received by audiences all over. This led to Netflix being inundated with requests for a second season, however, the streaming service has yet to make any announcement informing viewers about a renewal of the series.

According to Marie Claire, if the show is given the greenlight within the next month, production is expected to begin by May 2021. Based on the four months of filming for season one, viewers can expect the second season to premiere around February 2022, if there are no other unexpected delays. The lead actresses, Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey, have also not commented on the return of the show, but they are believed to be hopeful that there will be a second season.