When will I find love?

You can ask this question repeatedly, but you never get an answer.

When the time is right things will fall into place.

Work on yourself

You want to make sure that by the time you find someone to share your life with, you are the best version of yourself. Make sure that finding love has nothing to do with wanting to feel complete. You must be complete before that. You don’t want your worth to be determined by someone else’s presence in your life. Think about it for minute and how important it is to be your own person.

Do not look for love

The one mistake  people make is that of finding the one. When you put your mind into something and it doesn’t  happen the way you want it to, it will break your heart. Allow things to happen naturally and if you get to know someone and you like them, go with the flow and see what will happen. Do not force anything because it will get real, and neither will it last.

Do not become something that you are not

This means that you don’t want to change who you are, to have similar interests with a potential partner. You don’t have to be a certain weight or dress a certain way for that. Just be yourself and that person will  love you the way you are. If you change and become something you are not, you will get tired of portraying that character. What is terrible about this is how your partner would have fallen in love with it.

Allow things to unravel

The problem is when we try to change things and have some sort of control over them. Take things slow if you  find someone you really like. Everyone’s relationship is unique and so will be yours, only if you just let things be. Enjoy every moment of it.