Which are the most generous affiliate programs?

What are some of the most generous high-paying affiliate programs one can join for different niche categories, and the commissions they have to offer and other interesting benefits?


Joining affiliate marketing is a way to make money through the promotion of certain products and services on your website.

You have the potential to earn commissions for the number of clicks and purchases made on the links you include on your site, and affiliate programs have some generous commissions.

If you are looking to make a generous amount of money through affiliate marketing, you are going to have to look for affiliate programs that will offer you generous commissions when you use them.

Fortunately, there are a whole range of affiliate programs that pay generously for your marketing services.

Most generous affiliate programs

Looking for the right affiliate program to join can be a task in itself but doing all the research you need into different types of affiliate programs will help you land the ones that can offer you the generous returns you are after.

Especially when you consider that the whole point of affiliate marketing is to make a decent amount of money for your promotion of your niche products and services.

Before picking an affiliate program, you need to understand that certain programs will be tailored to certain types of products and services, like websites, ecommerce or VPN amongst others.

Which are the most generous affiliate programs?

There are a vast variety of affiliate programs that will offer affiliate marketers generous commissions, meaning that your earning potentials are good.

A program can be pretty generous, but should it not be part of your niche for your website already, this could throw off your audience and confuse them, leading people away from your site and affiliate links.

Affiliate programs can fall under so many niche categories such as web hosting and e-commerce, travel, fitness, sports, gaming and Twitch, crypto and bitcoin, email marketing, fashion, finance and credit card, beauty and makeup and so much more.

Whatever your niche is, you can find a generous program to suit you. Some generous programs of different niches include, WP Engine and Liquid Web, BigCommerce, Wordable, TravelPayouts and TripAdvisor with plenty more from other niche categories.

All of these affiliate programs offer pretty marketers generous commissions.

What are the top paying cryptocurrency programs?

Binance is a referral program and you can earn commissions of 20 percent of referral trade fees and up to 40 percent if you are holding 500 plus Binance coins.

Pay-out is done in real-time into your Binance account. Coinbase is also a referral program. When a user buys $100 worth of Bitcoin, you receive $10 of Bitcoin.

The earning period is once per customer. With Ledger, you can earn 10 percent of the net sale amount and pay-out is done in Bitcoin. LocalBitcoins.com offers 20 percent commission of trading fee per trade.

What are some music affiliate problems?

People with a knack for the music industry can affiliate market for music programs.

Guitar Center will offer users a commission of six percent with a cookie duration of 14 days.  Musician’s Friend has commissions of four percent and a 14-day cookie duration.

Sam Ash Music offers a seven to 10 percent commission with a 60-day cookie duration, and Singorama offers marketers a 70 percent commission on all instant downloads and 40 percent on shipped courses with a cookie duration of 60 days.

zZounds has a commission of six percent with bonuses, and a 45-day cookie duration.

What gaming and Twitch programs are available?

Gaming is a good niche for gaming enthusiasts to join. ASTRO Gaming offers a five percent commission and 180-day cookie duration.

Fanatical offers five percent commission with 90 days cookie duration, and G2Deal offers a 10 to 20 percent commission on software and three percent on other products with a 30-day cookie duration.

GameFly, on the other hand, offers $15 per trial sign up, 5 percent for new games, 10 percent for used games and a cookie duration of 30 days.

Twitch offers commissions of 50 percent for subscriptions and five percent on game sales. The cookie duration is unknown.

Final thoughts

Should you be looking to make some money on the side from commissions, joining an affiliate program can be a good way to go. Affiliate marketing is known to produce good returns depending on the affiliate program and the types of products and services you are affiliate marketing.

If you are looking to make decent amounts of money from your commissions, finding affiliate programs that offer you generous returns will help you secure good commissions and bonuses for your affiliate links.

There are a number of generous programs for different types of niches you might be interested in.