Which Facebook Ads are most effective?

Which Facebook Ads are the most effective and how can businesses go about publishing their carousel, slideshow and video ads on the platform for successful campaigns and performance?


Advertising on social media platforms has made it so much easier for businesses and individuals to advertise successfully.

Millions of people spend their time on social media platforms such as Facebook everyday at any hour consuming content. This means that businesses are able to have access to large audiences.

For businesses seeking to advertise on social platforms such as Facebook, knowing what types of ads are the most effective will also benefit your ad campaign significantly.

Knowing which ad formats are working best on Facebook can help businesses take advantage of this, and see themselves drive successful ad campaigns.

Most effective Facebook Ads

You cannot simply decide to take to a social media platform such as Facebook and advertise however you feel.

The trick lies in knowing what type of ad is working the best on the platform, as well as also considering the types of ad formats that will work to best represent your brand to the online masses on Facebook.

There are some recommended ad formats that are considered as the most effective on the platform, and so businesses and individuals can look into them to see if they might work to represent them to Facebook’s audience.

Which Facebook Ads are most effective?

Fortunately, Facebook has a few ad formats for businesses to try out. Businesses can choose from photo ads, video ads, stories ads, messenger ads, arousal ads, slideshow ads, collection ads, and playables.

Each of these ad formats will serve your ad with different purposes, and will achieve certain results. Some of the most effective ones include carousel ads, slideshow ads and video ads.

Carousel ads are the most effective for what is considered as product positioning. They are more interactive than single image or single video formats, as they ensure that people spend more time and engage with the ad.

Slideshow ads are capable of boosting the effectiveness of your campaign through the grouping of individual product images into one video, while video ads are effective as video is one of the popular ways of using Facebook.

This makes sense as video content is most consumed.

How to create a carousel ad

To create the perfect carousel ad, you need to navigate to the ad level of your campaign and create a new ad or campaign.

Select your draft ad and click the “Edit” button.

Scroll down to “Create Ad” and select “Ad” with multiple images or videos in a carousel, and then write a copy for your ad in the text box.

Once you have done that, you need to set up Individual Cards and add them by clicking the plus icon.

Include the URL to your product page and finally add a “Shop Now” call-to-action button.

Creating a slideshow ad

Navigate to the ad level of your campaign in order to edit your ad.

Scroll to the Ad Section, select “Ad” with an image or video and choose the “Video or Slideshow” option to click “Create Slideshow.”

In the slideshow creation window you will need to add your photos by choosing them from your library. You can choose up to 10 images.

You need to choose an aspect ratio and set the duration of your slide with a transition effect.

Choose background music or music from Facebook’s library and create your slideshow by adding testimonial and product offer copy.

Creating a video Facebook Ad

Go to “Ad” again for you to edit, and in the “Create Ad” section, select “Video or Slideshow” and then click on “Video.”

You need to choose your video from your library or computer. If a video has narration, include a captions file or embed captions in the video itself.

To finish creating your video, you need to add some copy and a headline as well as select a call to action.

Using the SBA copy method is recommended for creating your ad copy, and then you can finally finish by clicking “Publish” to go live.


Using ads on Facebook or any other social media platforms will require more than just advertising in any way you see fit.

There are certain considerations to think of in terms of what ads will work the best for your business, as well as which are most effective online.

Advertising on Facebook requires that businesses look into the most effective ads on the platform, as they will make it easier for businesses to achieve their objectives and goals.

Choosing the right effective ad will help to ensure a Facebook Ad is effective in representing your brand to Facebook audiences.