Which Snapchat filters change your voice?

Which Snapchat filters can change your voice, and how do each of them work to distort how you look and sound?


Most social media platforms have their own personalised and unique features that attract people who are curious about how they work and function. Filters happen to be one of the biggest features most social media platforms have that users like to use for fun and to exchange with others.

Snapchat has gained a lot of popularity for its fun, and most times, very funny filters that can even change your voice when you take a Snap. These filters are often found amongst other filters, such as voice-altering ones.

Snapchat filters changing your voice

When Snapchat was introduced into the social media market, it became instantly popular when people discovered the amount of filters they could play with to change the way they looked in a picture and the way they sounded.

Snapchat filters offer different alterations to a user when they are taking a Snap or video for their story.

Filters can also change and be replaced with new ones, some outrageous while some can make you look even better in a Snap or outright horrible and funny.

Voice changing filters are especially popular, because people like the idea of sounding completely different.

Which Snapchat filters change your voice?

While some filters can offer beautifying effects and alterations to someone’s facial features, some filters can change your voice and make you sound completely different.

Voice changing filters will often be accompanied by various face manipulations or backgrounds that can make a Snap even more funny or entertaining. With these filters, your voice can instantly sound like someone else’s voice or even an animal.

Voice changing filters are a great way to connect with friends and family and to exchange humour, while laughing at each other in sent Snaps over the way your voice sounds like a baby or a cat.

In order for a voice changing filter to work, you will need to create a Snapchat video as videos are the only way to alter and play with voice changing filters as opposed to just taking regular Snaps or photos.

Snapchat also has the standalone Snapchat voice filters add-on.

How does the crazy voice filter work?

The crazy voice filter works by distorting your face a lot. Your head will take on the shape of something similar to a pear.

This will distort your eyes, nose and mouth, bringing your eyes in towards the middle of your face, making your nose significantly bigger and your mouth long and curvy.

When it comes to your voice, you will sound like you are speaking through a very strange microphone. You definitely will not be able to recognize your voice and will certainly sound unlike yourself when recording video.

What does the baby voice snapchat filter do and sound like?

There is also a Snapchat filter that turns your voice into that of a baby. It will also change your face to resemble distortion making you look like somewhat of a baby, but an exaggerated one.

When your face appears on the screen, your mouth shape will be much bigger and distorted with your teeth protruding forward taking up half of your face.

Your eyes will also appear to be bigger and rounder, as a way of stimulating a baby type of look.

What will the “cute face with glasses” filter do?

While this filter will distort your face by making the top portion of your head tiny and very round and your eyes big while wearing glasses, it can make you look somewhat cute and adorable.

Your nose and your mouth will look very small. The glasses you are wearing will accentuate your big eyes.

When it comes to your voice, the filter will change your voice to make it sound as cute as it has ever been. Your voice will also sound much higher pitched than it normally is.


Snapchat has made its features very attractive to people who have used and are still using the app today. Snapchat filters have made it fun for users to play with different facial alterations as well as with distortions and changes to ones voice, while recording themselves in a video.

Some of the filters that come with Snapchat will not only make changes to your face, they will also make changes to your voice with filters such as the cute face with glasses, the baby voice changer and the crazy voice Snapchat filter. Each of these will alter your voice.