Who is Sofie Dossi dating?

While it is unknown who Sofie Dossi is currently dating, the social media star has been linked to fellow YouTubers, Dominic Brack and Tony Lopez.

Social media star, Sofie Dossi came into the spotlight back in 2016. This after she was part of the eleventh season of America’s Got Talent. At the time, Dossi was 15 years old when she showed off her contortionist abilities for all to see. Her performance and ability garnered her mainstream popularity with appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and a feature on Billboard. Dossi also went on to capitalise on her newfound acclaim through the creation of her own YouTube channel.

Moreover, with the advent of social media and the popularity of TikTok, the now 20-year-old personality is also one of the most followed TikTok creators. Her popularity and growth has led to her followers’ fascination as to who the young star is dating. To date, Dossi has been linked to two other content creators. On one account, the suspicions were ignited by Dossi and the fellow YouTuber in question. While the second was as a result of the detective skills of social media users.

The first fellow content creator she has been linked to is Dominic Brack. This belief was fuelled by a video that was created by Brack, titled My Friends Are Going To Meet My Girlfriend!, the girlfriend in question being Dossi. However, the video was proven to be a prank, as the two were asked to share a kiss by friend and fellow YouTuber, Brent Rivera. When the two failed to kiss, they had to admit that they were pranking their friends and that they are just simply good friends.

Dossi was then linked to fellow YouTuber, Tony Lopez, a matter which has not been confirmed nor denied. This is as the two keep a low-profile in terms of their alleged dating life. Therefore, there have been no irrefutable posts or suggestions that the two are dating.