Who is Wilbur Soot dating?

While it has yet to be confirmed, fans of YouTuber and gamer, Wilbur Soot believe that he is in a relationship with Niki Nihachu.

William “Wilbur Soot” Gold is one of the most recognisable British gaming content creators and singer-songwriters currently. He shot to fame in 2017, due to the comedy-based YouTube channel, SootHouse, which he is the editor and founder of. This is besides being lauded for his Minecraft-focused content on YouTube. Wilbur Soot is also one of the most followed British gamers on Twitch. However, he is most probably beloved for his boyish good looks, hence the fascination on who he is dating.

Currently, it is believed that Soot is dating fellow content creator and YouTuber, Nikita “Niki” Nihachu. The suspicions of the two being in a relationship stemmed from their appearance on the dating show, The Rajjchelor. The show is created by fellow YouTuber, AustinShow, which he has since renamed to Will You Marry Me. During the show, the two matched. Thereafter, Soot and Nihachu began to create collaborative content on their channels, which only worked to fuel the suspicions of their alleged romance.

Mainly, the suspicions of a romance between the two stemmed from their YouTube subscribers recognising the chemistry between them. However, Nihachu, following the dating suspicions gaining momentum, released a video in which she addressed the rumours. In the video in question, Nihachu rubbishes the rumours, affirming that their relationship is purely platonic.

Soot, on the other hand, has not addressed the matter and has yet to either confirm or deny it. Moreover, since the two have kept the matter of their dating lives away from the public, it has only fuelled the suggestions of their blooming romance.  Additionally, with Soot remaining silent, it has only let the suspicions continue to linger for almost more than a year now.