Who won the MrBeast Battle Royale?

Who won the famous MrBeast 2019 Apex Legends Battle Royale, and how did the YouTube star, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson make the Battle Royale possible? 


A great way of bringing people together is through shared interests and activities. One way that famous YouTuber MrBeast was able to do this was through bringing together other famous YouTube stars to compete in playing an online popular video game, but in real life all organized by him.

A famous YouTuber in his own right, with over 14 billion views on his channel and 87.9 million subscribers, MrBeast is known for hosting the biggest live Apex Legends Battle Royale with fellow YouTube stars as they battle it out in a huge arena for the chance to win $200 000.

MrBeast Battle Royale

MrBeast is considerably someone who might have put together one of the biggest YouTuber collaborations, which was a real-life version of the hit battle royale game, Apex Legends. MrBeast invited 39 star-studded YouTubers to face off in a game of Apex Legends.

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, stated that the idea was inspired by Dude Perfect’s Airsoft Battle Royale with the video of the challenge being released on 12 March 2019. For those who do not follow MrBeast or the Battle Royale, they might be curious to know who won the challenge.

Who won the MrBeast Battle Royale?

To make the epic Battle Royale possible, Mr Beast is said to have teamed up with a Dallas-based talent management and digital marketing agency, Night Media, to produce the live 2019 Apex Legends Battle Royale. The game was held at a 30-acre sports park located South of Los Angeles, where the YouTubers were split into 12 teams of three.

Teams Green and White, who consisted of the trios Jaiden Animations, Anthony Padilla and TheOdd1sOut as well as Typical Gamer, Preston and Unspeakable Gaming won the first and second games respectively, with each team walking away with a $100 000 grand prize.

In just 12 hours, the video of the battle had received almost seven million views. Apex Legends is a free online game where over 60 other gaming competitors fight one another.

Who were some of the YouTubers who were invited?

MrBeast was not talking childs play when he was picking which star-studded YouTubers would be invited to be a part of the Battle Royale. All those who were involved have over millions of subscribers, indicating just how star-studded the list was.

It included the likes of Lachlan, who had over 10 million subscribers, Faze Rug, who had 11 million subscribers at the time, Wassabi with 11.3 million subscribers, Roman Atwood who boasted 15.2 million YouTube subscribers as well as Lazarbeam who had nine million subscribers at the time.

What exactly is MrBeast famous for on YouTube?

At the time of the release of the Battle Royale, MrBeast had a YouTube subscriber following of almost 16 million and was only 20 years old. He became largely popular on the platform for his generosity, giving away large amounts of cash to unsuspecting recipients.

He is also considered a creative genius, having worked on several other viral video stunts including his Everything for $1 Pop-up Store promotion, which helped him pay off his mother’s house mortgage. His brand represents the online coupon app Honey, and the analytics software startup called Quidd.

Where does MrBeast get all his money?

Jimmy Donaldson was smart in that he did not rely solely on the money he would be getting from ads and merchandise sales but over-extended himself by working hard to secure major six-figure deals with big companies.

His management company, Night Media, has managed to present him with offers from companies such as Honey, Quidd and Seatgeek, all of whom are more than willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars just for Donaldson to advertise for them for 30 seconds on his videos, gaining access to his large community of YouTube subscribers.


Sometimes, in order to make money you need to spend money, as well as bring others along on the ride with you. YouTube content creator collaboration is one of the ways that YouTubers are monetizing their content. YouTube collaborations between people’s favourite creators gain a lot of attention.

The same can be said for MrBeast’s idea to produce one of the biggest YouTube collaborations in history, inviting star-studded fellow YouTubers to compete in a real-life Apex Legends Battle Royale game. Which excited the large community of YouTube gaming lovers and saw competitors walk away with a $200 000 prize.