Why am I so sad for no reason?

Feeling sad but don’t really know why? You may be battling with depression.

Our emotions come as a response to either internal or external stimuli and never without cause. If you are feeling sad, it is probably because of a trigger. There is always a reason behind our feelings, and in this instance, the reasons are merely not known to you or are unrecognizable by you. Constant and prolonged feelings of sadness are associated with depression. Because we feel sad from time to time, it may be difficult to attribute our sadness to clinical depression.

According to Very Well Mind – a health and wellness magazine – it is possible to go through depression and not be aware of it. This may be due to the duration of your depression. Essentially, if you have been dealing with depression for the longest time, it may be difficult to infer your sadness to depression. Symptoms of depression develop slowly in others. It might have taken time for your symptoms to show. Depression can also develop gradually over an extended period of time. When the changes in mood are subtle and come on slowly, you may not recognize that things aren’t the same as they used to be, Very Well Mind argues.

You may have difficulty attributing your sadness to depression due to fear of stigma or cultural beliefs. You may have been raised to believe that depression is not real or cannot be associated with people of your calibre. Other cultures do not recognise depression as real and do not have a linguistic expression of it either. However, depression is real and it has damaging effects which may lead to loss of life.

Although feeling sad is natural and healthy, feeling sad for no apparent reason is unhealthy and not good for your well-being. There is a high chance that you are depressed. Find a professional to help you unpack and feel better.