Why are Instagram usernames lowercase?

Exploring why Instagram usernames are all lowercase and whether it is possible to change this, how to choose a username, and why using identical usernames/names is not advised.


Using social media comes with having to decide on a username for your account that the app approves. People can get as creative as they want when it comes to choosing their usernames, as this is how other users will identify them on the app.

When it comes to Instagram, people will notice that their usernames consist of all lowercase letters with no capital letters. Users may want to know why this is the case, and whether they can change this to include capital letters.

Lowercase Instagram usernames

When creating an Instagram account or any other account on a social media app, you have to create a username for your account that users can identify you with. In some cases, your username will need to be quite unique, as yours may often already be taken, especially if you have a common name and were hoping to use it.

You will notice that on Instagram, when you choose a username that is approved for use, if you attempt to include capital letters, the name will appear in lower cases when you check.

Why are Instagram usernames lowercase?

The reason that Instagram usernames only consist of lowercase letters is because it is designed to be all lowercase and a string of words, names, or numbers that can be separated by a period or an underscore.

However, the actual name of the account (not the handle) will be able to include capital letters, can be in sentence format, and can also include spacing and emojis.

Unfortunately, there is no way to include a capital letter in your username or handle, as Instagram has set it to be this way.

If you are concerned that people might search for your username and include a capital letter and possibly not find it, this will not be the case as you will still appear in their search results.

Anyone can search your name with capital letters and still find your Instagram account, regardless of whether they use capital letters or not

Using the same username and name on Instagram

When choosing a name and username for your Instagram account, it is not advisable to use the same name as your username and account name.

It is instead advised that the two names are  different. Your actual account name is the name that will appear in the bio section of your profile that describes or provides information about you and your account.

If you have an Instagram business account, this is where your professional business name and information will be included, specifically in capital letters.

Choosing an irrelevant username

Just as having identical usernames and account names is not advisable for your account, so is the use of irrelevant or unrelated usernames.

This is something that users running business accounts need to be particularly cautious of.  You cannot have a username that is not linked to anything related to the business itself and what it is about.

Both your name and username need to be linked to the business and the contents of the Instagram account. Any irrelevant usernames will make you look unprofessional and amateur, and people might struggle to take you seriously in supporting your venture.

Choosing a decent Instagram username

When you are deciding on a decent Instagram name for your account, you will need to be careful not to use a random set of letters and numbers that will make it difficult for you to be recognised or discovered.

Other users might think that you cannot be trusted and may be sceptical that your account is either spam or a fake account, potentially making for less interaction from others.

The exception to all of this would be if you want to remain as private as possible and not be easily found by Instagram users in searches.

Final thoughts

All social media applications will require that you have an account name as well as a username for your profile. On Instagram, your username will appear with only lowercase letters with the addition of either a period or an underscore to separate the words or names.

Your Instagram username will always appear in lowercase letters, as this is how Instagram has set it to be. Only your actual account name can have capital letters included in it. There is no way to set your username (or handle) to include capital letters as again, Instagram has set it this way.