Why are Snapchat Spotlights so stupid?

Why Snapchat Spotlights can be regarded as stupid, what Spotlight Challenges are and how Spotlights can be submitted, saved into your memories, and later deleted if necessary.


Snapchat is a well-known social multimedia messaging app whereby users can take Snaps as pictures or videos, play around with different filters and lenses, and send them to their friends. A Snap can also be shared as a story for your friends to view.

As many other apps have introduced different and more exciting features, Snapchat has had to follow suit and develop the same or similar features to keep their users eager to use the application. Snapchat Spotlights is a feature much like TikTok that users now have.

Snapchat Spotlight

The Snapchat Spotlight feature is almost identical to TikTok, where users get to create videos or in this case, Spotlights of just about anything as a way of engaging and entertaining worldwide Snapchat audiences.

People can swipe between different Spotlights in the same way that you swipe up and down when watching TikTok videos on the For You page.

Content creators and users have bought  into the Snapchat feature and created all sorts of Spotlight content for viewers, but why are Snapchat Spotlights so stupid, or are they?

Why are Snapchat Spotlights so stupid?

It is not that the actual Spotlights feature is stupid, or at least to most Snapchat users it is not, it is just that often, silly or stupid videos are posted by users.

Recording yourself being silly on platforms like Snapchat can actually be worthwhile, as it is a good way to end up trending and possibly becoming famous just for acting stupid.

The Snapchat Spotlights page is filled with different videos and many of them will be considered stupid by viewers.

Regardless of how stupid people can be when creating their Spotlights, they are still a great way to appeal to audiences who might be into silly content, that can end up going viral, and even possibly make the creator famous.

What are Spotlight Challenges?

Spotlight Challenges are a way of getting rewarded for your creativity when you share Spotlight videos. You stand a chance of winning cash prizes to the value of $250 and more, which can be cashed out using your Crystals Award.

Any Snapchat user who is at least 16 years old can take part in Spotlight Challenges, regardless of them having a public or private Snapchat account and profile, as long as they reside in a supported market.

An average of three to five users, or more, can be picked out as winners of a challenge.

How to submit a Spotlight

Snaps that are posted to Spotlights may appear in the search results and stories on or off of Snapchat, either at that present time or later on.

To submit a Snap to Spotlight, you need to create a Snap as you normally would, and then select the Spotlight option at the top of the Send To screen.

By tapping the blue arrow button, you will have submitted your Snap as a Spotlight. You can check the status of your Spotlight by tapping on the submitted Spotlight and it will reflect as “Submitted’ or ‘Live.’

How to save or delete a Snap from Spotlight

You may have submitted a Snap to Spotlight that you no longer want to keep on your Spotlight. Fortunately, you can delete that Snap.

To delete a Snap from Spotlight, you need to tap on the Settings icon in your profile, select “Spotlight” and “Snap Map” to view the Snaps in the Spotlight, then, tap the Bin icon to delete a specific Snap.

To Save a Spotlight Snap you need to follow the same steps but once you select “Spotlight” and “Snap Map,” you need to tap on the Save icon.

Final thoughts

Snapchat is a great platform for people who enjoy engaging with online communities using multimedia messaging and it allows users to get creative and playful with the content they share. Snapchat Spotlights now allows for Snaps to be created and shared the same way as TikTok does.

The feature allows users to get creative and as silly as they want to be in their content. Snapchat Spotlight being so stupid is related to how silly content can get for Spotlights. Users are not limited in how silly or funny their content can be for entertainment purposes.