Why are Twitch streamers moving to Mixer?

Why are Twitch streamers moving to Mixer, as well as how can a streamer make money on Mixer and how can this benefit famous Twitchers?


As more content is getting consumed online, so are more and more online platforms finding ways of competing with each other and giving each other a run for their money. Content creation is on the constant rise, and online creators are getting in on all the action.

With the rise of a new online content platform, will come the downfall of another and this is the case in terms of Twitch streamers leaving the platform and moving to Mixer to continue their online streaming careers. This is happening for reasons such as larger financial incentives on Mixer.

Twitch streamers and Mixer

There are many reasons that have led to Twitch streamers leaving the platform and moving to Mixer for their streaming content, and one of the biggest noted ones is for the financial benefits that come with streaming on Mixer. Some already well-established Twitch streamers moved to Mixer, including Ninja, Shroud and KingGothalion.

All three former Twitch streamers are said to have been lured over to Mixer for the better financial benefits when compared to what Twitch was offering them. Ninja in particular, is said to have walked away due to brand restrictions.

Why are Twitch streamers moving to Mixer?

Some of Twitch’s well-known streamers like Ninja started to leave the platform to pursue better opportunities on offer by Mixer. Ninja is said to have left the platform because Twitch was not offering a contract that would help grow and strengthen his brand. Soon after Ninja left Twitch to join Mixer, other streamers started to follow suit.

The move for Ninja might have meant that Mixer was offering what he was after, which was brand growth and more financial benefits as well as sponsorships.

There is also the possibility of more benefits than sponsorships when an already valued name joins a platform that is growing. As moves were being made to Mixer, rumours developed that multi-million-dollar deals were being signed, making it more attractive to streamers to also want to move.

How streamers make money on Mixer

When it comes to making money on Mixer, streamers are able to do this through different avenues. The platform, just like others, offers a partner program that allows viewers to offer their favourite streamers a reward with Skills, Sparks and Embers.

All three of which can be converted into cash by the streamer. Getting into the partner program is rather strict though. With this being the case, some streamers can look into earning more money from third-party services such as sponsorships, affiliate linking, merchandise and donation platforms. Streamers also make money for having more followers.

How much can streamers make on Mixer?

The amount of money a streamer can make on Mixer will rely on the amount of followers you can grow. From individual contributions by viewers, Mixer streamers can get Embers, which is the Mixer currency. Embers will earn a streamer $0.01 for every Skills used during their live stream.

Skills are just emoji’s and GIFs that viewers can use within the streamers chat log during their stream. This means that if viewers buy a number of Skills worth 1 000 Embers during a stream, a streamer can earn up to $10.

How can moving to Mixer greatly benefit already established Twitch streamers?

For Twitch streamers such as Ninja and Shroud, moving to a new platform such as Mixer would not have come with much work, as they have already established themselves as Twitch streamers with an already existing large audience following, thereby making it easier for them to migrate to a new platform with the followers they already have, who most likely followed them to Mixer.

With the number of followers being a contributing factor to how much money you can make on Mixer, Ninja and Shroud are sorted.


The competition between online content platforms will continue to rise as the consumption of online content keeps growing, as people seek the benefits of spending time online and making money from it. More people are turning to online platforms to make money and build their specific online brands.

With the rise of future online content creators and streamers, online platforms will be set to compete even more aggressively to keep their users glued to their platform. Or even have them join their platform through improvements they make, to ensure it is easier for users to benefit from their online tools.