Why can’t I send Media Mail on Etsy?

Etsy sellers need to follow strict rules when it comes to the shipping methods they use to ship orders to customers, specifically the USPS Media Mail shipping option.

Running an online store requires hard work to ensure that your customer service is up to standard and that buyers purchase and receive their orders timeously.

To do this, sellers should have the right shipping methods in place to accommodate their customers’ delivery preferences.

One shipping choice that is available for customers on Etsy is the Media Mail option. This is an option that customers can choose to ship items, but can it be used for all types of Etsy items or is it specifically tailored to certain items?

Etsy Delivery/shipping options

With any online shopping marketplace, you have to select the products you want to buy, add them to your cart, and proceed to pay at checkout after you have chosen the shipping method through which to receive your order. Online marketplaces offer customers different shipping methods, and the same applies to Etsy.

Etsy has a number of options that buyers can choose from, all of which take a certain number of days to deliver certain package types with a maximum weight. United States Postal Service (USPS) Media Mail is included in this list of delivery options.

Why can I not send Media Mail on Etsy?

Some Etsy sellers have to send customer orders using the Etsy United States Postal Service Media Mail option.

Etsy has introduced a new shipping tool that has made it confusing for sellers to find the shipping Media Mail option, which led them to believe that they could no longer send orders using this option, but this is not the case.

Due to Etsy’s update, sellers now have to look for the “Delivery Service” drop-down menu under the package weight and package type options to find and select the Media Mail shipping option.

This is the new way to choose Media Mail for shipping. The option still exists, and sellers can still ship with Media Mail for customers who prefer the Media Mail shipping option.

The only instance in which sellers cannot use the Media Mail option is when the items do not fall under the Media Mail category. Media Mail can only be chosen as a means of shipping for specific types of products.

What items can be shipped using USPS Media Mail?

Since Etsy is a marketplace for all sorts of handmade arts and crafts and vintage items, it would be convenient to use the Media Mail option to ship these products.

As such, the USPS Media Mail option is restricted to a class of mail that is used to send books, films, printed music, scripts, videos, CDs, and DVDs. Any items that do not fall in this category cannot be shipped with Media Mail.

Detailed information on permitted products for Media Mail shipping:

  • Books that have at least eight pages
  • Sound and video recordings in the form of CD’ and DVDs
  • Playscripts and manuscripts for books, periodicals, and music
  • Printed music
  • Computer-readable media with pre-recorded information, guides, or scripts
  • 16 millimetre or narrower width films
  • Printed objective test materials and accessories
  • Printed educational reference charts
  • Loose-leaf pages and binders that consist of medical information for doctors, healthcare facilities, medical schools, and medical students

What could happen if Media Mail is used for unrelated items?

If sellers attempt to use the Media Mail option to ship items that do not fall under this category, it can lead them to trouble with the postal office handling the shipment.

This can also be detrimental to the customer who will incur more costs on their order, as they may need to pay the postage due.

The safest option to prevent buyers from selecting Media Mail on items that do not fall under the category is to remove Media Mail as a shipping option for orders of unrelated items.

What are some of USPS’s guidelines on the Media Mail Service?

The USPS has strict guidelines on what can be shipped with the Media Mail option. It states that packages should not contain any advertising or comic books that do not fall in this category.

Books can contain incidental announcements of other books, and sound recordings may contain incidental announcements of other sound recordings.

All Media Mail packages need to have a delivery address and the sender’s return address, and are subject to inspection by the postal service.