Why DavskaR was banned from Twitch

Czech streamer, DavskaR was banned from Twitch after he was accused of using the aimbot cheat during the Twitch Rivals European Union Warzone tournament.

The Twitch Rivals’ European Union Warzone Showdown is a one-day event that took place on Wednesday, 21 July 2021.

The tournament is held to determine the top Call of Duty: Warzone duos team.

Each event featured a private lobby, with scoring based upon kills and a multiplier applied based on a team’s ultimate finish in that game.

Teams accumulated a score over several games, with the best score determining the overall winner, and who walks away with $75,000.

Even though it is a big event, some gamers managed to cheat, in the hopes of winning the game.

Fifakill, a popular Warzone streamer, took to Twitter during the event, to accuse another gamer participating in the custom lobby of hacking.

In a follow-up tweet, Fifakill stated that despite the reports from players, a Twitch Rivals admin advised competitors to continue playing, and that the streamer in question would be allowed to continue to participate in the tournament.

The streamer who was accused of cheating is DavskaR. He is a Czech streamer with over 8 000 followers on his Twitch account, and he is also partnered on the streaming platform.

Following the accusation, multiple clips have been shared all over social media, which show that DavskaR is allegedly using an aimbot to get more kills in the game.

CloudFuel, a Twitch Rivals community manager, confirmed that DavskaR has been removed from the tournament and that an investigation has been launched.

It appears that his Twitch channel has been removed from the platform, allegedly due to a ban. If the streamer is found guilty of using an aimbot, he will also be permanently banned from Warzone.

The tournament has been completely reset after more hackers were found participating in the competition.

The decision to reset came after the tournament received backlash from the community, due to a lack of actions from the admins.

DavaskaR has yet to comment on the situation.